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Hi guys,

Am writing this post to ask if any of my blogging friends can help me.

Am looking for a blog or blogs to write for, free of charge, of course, I want to write more and writing for someone else gives me a great incentive. Am interested in any genre and I will give every post %100 effort, the truth is I love to write and writing for another blog is something I have always wanted to do.

If you can help me please leave a comment or email me at

Thank you


Tookish Travels

On Wanderwood Lane

Welcome to the spot On Wanderwood Lane where I will share the photographic journey of my travels.

While I’ll be starting with the BIG ones, like Ireland and Italy, I want Tookish Travels to become a place that eventually houses all my adventures great and small, as I continue to cultivate my artistic expression through my words and photography.


Then something Tookish woke up inside him, and he wished to go and see the great mountains, and hear the pine-trees and the waterfalls, and explore the caves, and wear a sword instead of a walking-stick.” – from The Hobbit

Until the next adventure 🙂

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Malaga, Spain – Day 7

Have Teacup Will Travel

Back to Spain! On our day seven of our Gate1 tour we took an optional tour to Malaga, Spain. Like Ronda this was one of my favorite cities and days we spent in Spain.

I loved these amazing trees as we walked through the town …

On the walk to the Picasso Museum we passed cute cafe’s, shops and murals…

What can I say, the murals…

Malaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and before visiting the Picasso Museum I never really knew much about the artist.

The Picasso Museum, with over 285 works of art donated by the Picasso Family was amazing. We had a tour guide who explained the pieces of art and I learned so much that day. To say I enjoyed the Picasso Museum is an understatement. I would highly recommend it.

We also had a walking tour of Malaga and it was a beautiful day.

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Masbate Trip? Mas trip!


Nagsimula talaga itong lahat sa usapang lasing namin ni Topherchris (tatay ko). Usual kwentuhan ng mga lasing: politics, ghost stories, trabaho, buhay, at buhay pag-ibig (ko, opkors). Hanggang sa na-open ko sa kaniya na gusto kong mapuntahan ang Buntod beach sa Masbate. Turns out, knows na knows ni Topherchris ang tinutukoy ko. Niyaya niya kami ng kapatid ko na umuwing Masbate (na mahigit sampung taon na ring ‘di ko napupuntahan).

Me, as the malditang lasing, told Topherchris, “G! Kapag ‘di tayo nagpuntang Buntod, magagalit ako.”

But Topherchris, the challenged lasing, answered, “Oo ba! Sa December, doon tayo magpasko!”

Kaya eto na nga….

Alas dose ng December 22, 2018 kami umalis ng Cubao. Elavil ang nasakyan naming bus. 1,300 ang pamasahe hanggang Pio Duran, Legazpi. Kasama na rin doon ang bayad sa ferry.

Smooth naman ang byahe. Medyo mabagal lang ang bus, pero ‘di naman ako reklamador. Nakarating kami sa pier…

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Why I Decided to Travel

Hi there, my name is Jaimee! This is my first blog for Jaimee Goes Solo, so I thought I would introduce myself. If I were to introduce myself in three words, it would be: In a crisis. But I will talk about that later. I’m eighteen years old and in a forever evolving phase of my life so I wanted a place to document my experiences that all relate to travel and just life in general.

I would put a portrait photo here but I like this one better!

If there is one cheesy motivational quote that has stuck in my life it would be the phrase “It is not about the destination, but the journey.” I have no idea who said this or created a fancy Pinterest quote for it, but my mother will always say this too me if I get stuck in a rut trying to plan…

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Travel: Saturday afternoon at the beach

Teddy's Mum

To begin with our travel pieces I am going to start small. Taking a curious and sometimes difficult 5, almost 6mth old to the beach.

Now that Teddy spends his days at day care  I plan to do my best to take him somewhere nice every weekend. This weekend’s trip to the beach was Teddy’s second. The first was when he was about a month old and I had the urge to dangle his toes in the water. It was fun, but oh so awkward and painful for my back!
It’s the middle of Summer in Queensland so I planned to get to the beach in the afternoon. Teddy and I are clearly from the same genes, both with flaming red hair and pale pale skin. Although, the descirption of my hair might nowdays be silver/auburn, but these details don’t really matter do they?

So here I am with a…

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Something Over Tea

… and very hot! The sun sucks the moisture from the ground and desiccates the grass. It beats down on the rocks, creating shimmers of heat waves above them. The bees and flies seek whatever water they can find.

Bees and flies seeking water.

There are recent newspaper reports on the plight of vultures in South Africa suffering from dehydration in this drought – everything needs water to survive. A tiny leak in a pipe becomes a welcome source of hydration for Pied Starlings.

Pied Starling

Even though we are at the height of summer, there is little in the way of green grass to be seen.

Black Wildebeest

In places one can only wonder how the animals find enough food to sustain them.


Beautiful vistas of the Karoo show how yellow the grass is – what will be left for winter grazing if the rains do not come?

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From the archives: And so it ends…

Black tea, white pages

First published on September 20, 2012. 

Steve and I finished our year of madness travels with a trip around Turkey, and the country left us both captivated. Both frustrating and beautiful. A bizarre mixture of tradition and modernity. And let’s not even mention the food!

They say everything has to come to an end, and no matter how much I fought it so did my Year of Madness.

After crawling my way through 20 countries; more bus, plane and train trips than I could count; bike rides at dawn through a sleeping Paris, the discovery of Long Drinks in Finland, wondering at the resilience of humans in Poland, eating my weight in delicious food daily in Turkey, pub-hopping in London and generally just marvelling at the beauty of this world of ours, The Boy and I had to face the fact last week that we were wrestling our backpacks closed…

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