Hi, my name is Andy, I run this blog, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s really hard, but that’s what I love about it. Blogging is something I have been doing for years now, and I find it helps me when am feeling low, and that’s quite often, don’t get me wrong in general am a lover of life, my family, and opportunity, and my respect for all three is un-measurable, but like I said I do have my moments and I like to write about all the above to help me through it and bring my life into perspective.

I have been writing story’s for as long as I can remember, and it’s always been my escape from real life, and the gateway to my dreams.

When I was young I was a bit of a dreamer, and I would lay awake for hours in bed making up adventures in my head from international spy to the captain of my own space ship, and as I got older I was still a dreamer, but my adventures got a lot more complicated.

I blog about blogging and marketing, but the one thing I have always wanted to do is write a book, but I have never had the confidence to do so.

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I love blogging, in fact, I love writing in general, but my passion is writing about writers/authors/marketing and all things blogging, but I will write about anything that I think others will be interested in reading.

I live in a small cathedral city in the UK called Lincoln, the city is getting bigger since the advent of the university and with it a diverse cultural mix of people, which makes the city an exciting place to live.

My passion at the moment is building the community that I have on facebook and twitter. engaging with them , and give them as much help and advice I can.

Am a typical bloke (whatever typical is) I love football (Liverpool FC ) And I love a good whiskey, and I love to laugh, so humour and banter play a big part in my life. It doesn’t take much to please me, and I take nothing for granted, and I always try to love life no matter what the circumstance, but that is sometimes easier said than done as most of us know.

The biggest joy in my life is meeting new people, and that is why I love blogging so much, so please feel free to say hello in the comments below or please email me at benkingblogger@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for reading this post, and I hope you feel you know me a tiny bit better. I look forward to reading some more fantastic posts from my blogging friends.

see you all soon.

andy xx


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Being a good boss means that you lead from the front and inspire others to go above and beyond what they feel they are capable of, in other words you get the best out of your employees while'st at the same time creating a happy and productive working environment.

Being the boss isn't always easy, but the buck stops at you and you are responsible for the physical and mental welfare of your employees, you may not get it right all the time but you must make sure that any decision you make is in the best interest of the employee and the business because if the business suffers so does the employee, so not all decisions will be popular but you are the one in the driving seat and you have to take responsibility.

The role of a manager is to run the business efficiently, productively, and make a profit, but all the tasks that you need to complete as the boss to achieve that remit can be daunting to say the least, but self belief in your own ability, confidence, and being able to think out of the box are essential quality's to have in your locker, but having those quality's alone will be useless if you haven't got the goodwill and support of your work force. Trust is a keyword in any business, but how do you gain that trust? just giving everyone a pay-rise won't work you have to bee seen to be in control of everything connected with the business, sometimes you have to be firm with your employees to keep control of the shop floor, you have to praise and give rewards when it is merited, and you have to show an interest in your employees on a more personal level to make sure everything is OK with them, because a happy employee is a productive employee and that can only be good for business.

Being a boss is not an easy job, but if you get it right you will increase your profit margin, so it's not just about being a nice person, but it makes good business sense. Now what I have written is a very simplistic view of it and there is so much more to running a successful business, but get the basics right and you are halfway there.

Andy (Global Bloggers)

Freedom of life only endures if nature does

The Digital Teacup

Life Inspired by Nature


“Freedom of life only endures if nature does.” ~ Maria Lehtman

There are so many treasures in life and beings on Earth we enjoy and have not yet even discovered. I focus on nature in my photography and self-transformation. Nature is an ecosystem where nothing goes to waste, everyone has a purpose and transformations happen out of necessity – not because someone wants to be something grander. Life is about survival, and betterment of the families and kin, hurds and groups.

Can we honestly say that we do not place our ego up front when making decisions that impact others? Can we raise our hands and say we have done everything to make this beautiful world even better. That our words express everything we consider valuable in the world. Do you connect the words: ‘hussle’, grandeur, luxury, skinny, flawless, admired or enviable with nature?  Would you…

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Define Insanity

My Poetic Life (the book)

I’ve been living in insanity. Undeniably my very own version and of my own doing. I can’t blame it on anyone else. I’ve been reliving little excerpts of my life exactly the same each time expecting different results. From something as broad as dating to something as complex as credit, I’ve somehow allowed myself to continue making the same mistakes. What makes that insane is that I actually would get upset when things didn’t work out AGAIN for the hundredth time.

I think more people live like this than not or we’d all be overachievers. It makes for a stressful life and a not so dull existence. But until I realized this, I knew I had to continue to move forward but wasn’t sure how. I have made tremendous progress with beginning my launch, this blog, my IG accounts, my Facebook and trying my hand at influencing. But now that…

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FEATURING: L.E.D. Living with Eating Disorders – The Band

Gothic Bite Magazine

Something is looming on the horizon and that is a beautiful and haunting melody. Made up of the duo of Andrea Kerr and Jared Hawkes, L.E.D is releasing their first EP on May 1st, 2019. They gave us here at Gothic Bite Magazine some inside information and a sneak peek at some of their upcoming tracks.

The L.E.D. Band’s History

UK writing duo, Living with Eating Disorders, is Andrea Kerr and Jared Hawkes who began writing together back in 2001.

The band caught the attention of renowned producer John FryerDepeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, NIN, who produced their debut EP, White Like Snow, which was released in August 2004 on Johns label, Something to Listen To.

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Excerpt – War Springs Eternal

loved this, great writing

Short Story Scribe

War Springs Eternal  

by Joe Leonardi 

©2018 All rights reserved.  


Thunder announces a release from the earth. Fire ignites the darkness. Illuminating the night sky, Hell’s flame explodes bright orange.  A yellow, oily rain falls upon the battlefield. It touches the soldiers. Skin boils and blisters. A few will die here. Many, will recover. The touched and untouched will carry scars; some on the outside — all on the inside.

Lured into battle by Uncle Sam’s pointing finger, directly from my graduation, with high school diploma in hand, I marched to the recruiting office. In my head the tune and lyrics played over and over —

“Over there, over there

Send the word, send the word over there 

That the Yanks are coming – The Yanks are coming 

The drums rum-tumming


So prepare, say a prayer – Send the word, send the word to beware

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Window to the Future

dancing leaves

A short story based on the image shown
from a prompt from Writers Unite! – May 2019

05.19 - image

Window to the Future
A Short Story by Lynn Miclea

Aliya brushed the hair out of her face as she walked up the grassy incline. She had wanted to climb to the top of the hill in her neighborhood and see the view for months now. Her breathing heavy and ragged from exertion, she was finally here. A shiver of anticipation ran through her as she neared the crest.

Looking up, her eyes opened wide and she stared at the view at the top of the hill. A ruin was there — part of one, anyway. Just the window was left from some unknown structure. It looked ancient and powerful and she felt drawn to it.

Although exhausted from her hike, and still breathing heavily, she moved toward it, her arms outstretched. Something…

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