Who has lived with loss? TELL ME YOUR STORY!

If you have a story you can share about a loss that you have suffered please share , if your story can help just one person its a share that’s been so worthwhile.

We all deal with loss in different ways and there is no right or wrong way, but it also effects us all differently, some can cope with that, and some struggle like hell, but the only way to get through this is to have someone who will listen.

Being able to talk to someone who will just listen is priceless, I have experienced a loss just recently, and I was on a path of self destruction, would I eventually took my own life? I don’t know, but one thing I am certain about, if it wasn’t for the intervention of certain people, I would of spiralled out of control.

The emotions that I am going through no one will understand because its personnel to me, but they are so strong they are hard to control, and you do and say things that aren’t normal, and sometimes people judge you on that, but it’s not your fault, you can’t help it, because you would give anything to be normal again, but that is never going to happen. Not as it was anyway.

My situation at the moment isn’t great, but it isn’t at it’s worst, but that’s because of the support i have received from my employer who is still helping me, my children and my friends, and one other person who has supported me every day from day one, she just listened and said what she thought when appropriate, and that has made a huge difference to me dealing with this.

Most of us have suffered a loss in our lifes that has effected us really bad, so am not unique, I can only tell you how I feel.

When I lost Julie I felt the heart was ripped out of me, My reason for living had been taken from me, and all that was left was a huge empty space, How do you fill that? I don’t think you can , I think all you can do is learn how to live with it, but still live a life that makes you happy But the trouble is you still need to get to a point where you can do that, and this is where it’s so important that people recognise that not everyone can cope with everything that is going on in their lives, and sometimes a simple hello, and how are you? , followed by just listening can make the difference between life and death.

Do I still cry? every day, do I still despair? every day, but do I see a future? yes, I still have my kids, I still have my freinds, and I still have a life to live, and thats the best thing I can do for Julie.

I don’t want this post to make anyone feel sad, but I do want it to help highlight that their are people out there that really do need help, let’s not forget them.


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