5 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Blogging


Maintaining a blog isn’t always easy. Sometimes the ideas flow like water and other times your ideas are as dry as a desert. When the ideas are no longer flowing, you stop writing and your blog is forgotten until you come up with new content. Here are some simple but important tips I remind myself of when it’s time to write.

magnifying-glass-76520_1920.pngSearch the Web for Topics

If you find yourself experiencing writer’s block, search the web for blog topics. There are several websites that list hundreds of topics to dive into. Some websites offer blog topic generators. They aren’t the best, but they may help stimulate your mind.

Random Word Challenge_ (1).pngBrain Dump

We’ve all heard it before, but brain dumping is wonderful. Writing random words, thoughts, things you need to get done, just anything and everything can be therapeutic.  You can place items in order or scribble randomly on paper or in…

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Author Platform Basics for the Confused Writer

Emilie Rabitoy, The Rural Virtual Assistant

I firmly believe writers need to be thinking of their author platform constantly. Long before your book comes to life, you need to be showing up consistently for your audience. Don’t wait until your book is published, by then you’ll already be behind the eight ball.

What is an Author Platform?

An author platform is where and how you show up in front of your readers. It allows them to find you and your books more easily. Though many writers don’t understand it, I suggest everyone does their research and creates a platform of some sort. It will make book marketing that much easier.

Author Platform Basics

There are a few things every author platform should have, these include a website, blog and social media presence. Don’t feel like you need to be on every single social media platform, especially if you know you can only handle one. If you…

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The Negativity In The Blogging Community

New Lune

Sometimes I feel extremely blessed about the fact that I got such a lovely community on my blog. I am not exaggerating or being cheesy when I say that you are my online friends, I genuinely think of you that way. To be completely honest, my readers know more about me than my actual friends in real life.

My blog has given me so many opportunities and has opened up so many doors that I could never have dreamt of. But there is always a tiny piece of negativity in every environment or community. I’ve been blogging for more than 4 years now, although I’ve only been blogging consistently for more than 2 years – I’ve seen and experienced a lot even during the times when I wasn’t blogging.

As you know, I like to use my blog as an online diary and get to know your opinions & thoughts…

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Guest bloggers needed

Grace Over Pain

On my 7 tips for christian bloggers post, i had some bloggers asking about how they can have/reach a bigger audience.

One of the ways to achieve that is to be a guest blogger. I have decided to give new christian bloggers the opportunity to be guest bloggers on my blog.

If this is something you are interested in, send me a message via the contact page on my blog so we can discuss further.

This will be great if you are a new christian blogger as it will give you an opportunity to write for a bigger audience. That being said, old bloggers are welcome too.

Looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

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The comment that could have been an entire post

Skeptical Heartism

Writer’s block.
We have all experienced it one or twice.
But what is the reason of that?

From what I have noticed, it comes down to 2 things:

  •  The topic
  •  The content

The latter is what I struggle with the most.
I don’t have an education or large experience in writing, so I cannot give too many insights about that.
I will focus on the first element however.


Jasper and I have different personalities.
Different backgrounds.
Different opinions on certain topics.
And ever since I started blogging (little over 2.5 years ago), instead of starting a row, I’d say “I am going to blog about this!”.
While I start up my computer, he remains a happy man because he never liked any types of discussions or arguments.
We call that a WIN – WIN 😉

Finding a blog topic has never been a big issue for me.
Give me…

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How to Plan Your Blog Posts

A blog by Amy

In recent months I’ve often thought about sitting down and writing 10-20 blog posts in one go, throwing everything out there and finally adding new content to my blog. I just haven’t had the time! But this recent thought got me thinking that to get back into the habit of writing for my own blog I can encourage others too.

Have a read of this simple guide to plan your own blogs.

Prep is Key

Preparation is the most important part of the writing process. If you don’t have a solid idea for a blog post then there’s no point in writing about rubbish!

Think about up and coming celebrations and calendar events. Whenever I am writing content for work I always plan my topics weeks in advance. I look at celebratory days, holidays, and industry events to help me plan and tie everything in. For example, this week I…

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How To Stay Motivated As A New Blogger

Everyone has those days where they don’t feel like doing anything and it can be the same with blogging. Blogging requires writing, writing and again some more typing and this is the main reason why some bloggers can fall out of love with their blog.

Imagine if you are not in love with your blog anymore and don’t find it interesting how do you even expect others to like it? Although your blog should be based on what you like but still don’t forget you are writing for someone else to help them out with their research.

I can’t say you will always love what you do there will be times when you won’t. Before I tell you few tips on how to keep yourself motivated and stay in love with your blog just remember at the end of the day it will depend on what you do.

Few of…

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How Do You Handle Interruptions When You Are Blogging?

Renard's World

I can safely speculate, that every blogger knows what it is like to be interrupted during the content creation process.

We bloggers know what it is like to:

  • Have a family member ask us for our help with something when we are trying our best to put a blog post together.
  • Have an old friend drop by unexpectedly while we are busy getting our quota of blogging done.
  • Have a beloved pet demand our attention when we are typing words on a keyboard.
  • Have the phone ring while we are in the middle of creating the draft-copy of our blog post.

It is as though interruptions are an unavoidable part of life.

The most that any blogger can do, is to work around interruptions.

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