How To Be A Wise Blogger

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I will admit, that even though blogging is not rocket science, it requires a lot of a person’s time and effort to do it effectively (No one really gets it right the first time around).

As time passes, you will acquire various types of blogging gems — bits of pieces of wisdom that applies to blogging.

The funny thing is that these blogging gems are not complicated; they are quite simple (You may even chuckle a bit when you realize how simple they really are).

So, without further ado, it is disclosure time!

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5 Tips To Gain Followers On WordPress — New Lune

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One of my most asked questions I receive is how to gain followers on your blog. I know so many bloggers find it extremely hard to gain followers on their blogs compared to social media platforms. Here are some of my tips to gain followers on WordPress! L’une des questions les plus posées que je […]

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How To Stay Motivated With Your Blog

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Recently I have had a lot of readers write to me and have asked how I stay motivated with my blog and consistently post. I am not going to lie previously I struggled to stay motivated and I fell behind with posting. Sometimes I lost all motivation and didn’t know how I was going to get out of the rut I was in. If you are currently feeling this way I have a post 10 ways to improve your creativity, those tips helped me get creative again!

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Blogging Tips: what to do before posting an article – the checklist.


As you are reading this I am in Seoul, South Korea having an existential crisis and battling my own internal thoughts and problems but let’s talk about it in another post. Today I want to share with you my (very) simple blogging list i check before posting an article. These are very obvious statements but when you spend 4 to 5 hours on a computer working and writing sometimes the most obvious things aren’t that obvious.

  • write the post
  • Then the title
  • Re-read the post and make sure there isn’t any spelling or grammar error
  • Add the links of all brand, product and sites mentioned
  • Add good quality pictures that fit the theme
  • Change the post’s URL to make it shorter (it is a way to make your blog easier to find on google)
  • Add the post in a blog category
  • Add keywords (also known as hashtags, but not too…

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7 Ways To Get An Idea For A Blog Post


Writers block can be a form of Hell for some people. Its gruesome when you just run out of Ideas, and can’t think of any ideas for a blog post. That’s what this Article is for, to help you!

7 Ways To Get An Idea For A Blog Post

1. Write about problems you have encountered and how to solve them:

Many people search Google every day how to do certain things. If you have already found the solution to a problem, the best thing you can do is tell it and help others.

In fact the most common Keywords are questions, so you’ll probably get even more views.

We can assure you that they are the types of posts that will bring you the most traffic. And you may also position yourself as an expert in your sector.

2. Read similar blogs and compile interesting things:

If you stay…

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5 Easy Steps To Repurposing Your Blog Post Into An Audio Podcast – by Joseph C. Kunz, Jr…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Repurposing your blog post is one of the smartest and easiest ways to spread your message to a wider and more varied audience. The more people that see it and read it, the more that will benefit from it, and you will sell more books. With these 5 steps, you can easily and quickly take that same written post, and change it into an audio podcast.

What You Will Learn In This Post
1. You will learn the quickest and easiest way to repurpose your blog post into a podcast.
2. You will learn what equipment and software you will need to create your podcast.
3. You will learn how to reformat your blog post into a podcast script.

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Passage from Decadence COLLECTION



Stella phoned me (her Battle Buddy #1) late one afternoon with nothing but rage in her voice…

“Meet me at the usual spot, we have a great deal of shit to talk about!’ “
“Trust me──you’re going to want to hear about….’um current events.”
“Everything came to a head last evening at the spot (the Barnyard)!”
“I’ve got to talk to someone who will get it…damn!”

“Because I’m not thinking clearly!”
“Everywhere I look I am seeing the face of my enemy I thought I left behind in that cesspool, over in the theatre’ (Middle East). My girl was at the beginning stages of a mental plateau. Ohh…holy shit!
‘Just get your fucking ass to the spot…and move your ass soldier!”
Suddenly, SLAM went the phone. I remember staring at the receiver and thinking…

“Oh my god…what the…

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