Putting That Little Extra Into Blogging

Renard's World


When it comes to blogging, I like to give it my all.


Because I believe that I will reap the positive benefits of all the effort that I placed into blogging.

Hey, to be quite honest, if you want to have a successful blog, you will have to put in some extra time and effort in the areas of planning and content creation.

Do you ever put in a little extra into blogging?

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Storm Teasers

Top 7 Blogging Tips for 2020

Shell's Ink

01-2020 OpenSign Blogging is a great way to let potential readers know that you are OPEN for business and have great content to offer them.

Does blogging lead to anything or is it like holding up a one-inch sign trying to get noticed among the much bigger, flashier signs?

Blogs, just like self-published books, have become the modern business card for business owners, writers and entrepreneurs who want to get their ideas and written content to readers, customers and clients.

For those who see writing as a chore or a time sucker, is starting or continuing a blog such a good idea? Are blogs necessary to promote your writing, your project, your newest product or your business? Or do they keep you away from what you really want to do?

Blogs and other written content get favor from Search Engine Optimization, which give businesses, nonprofits and individuals higher online rankings, especially for…

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4 Tips For Working With Brands

Bournemouth Girl

For a lot of bloggers being able to work with brands they love is a goal they would like to achieve. If you are new to blogging or haven’t worked with brands before it can be daunting and you can be left confused as to what your first step should be.

I have been extremely fortunate to work with some incredible brands and I am more than grateful. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been turned down or had e-mails ignored before. It unfortunately comes with the territory.

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How to Promote Your Blog free | Explode your Blog Traffic


New to blog community and want to promote or get more traffics on your Blog, And also don’t want to spend money because you are not earning from your blog site or else earning but not that too much that you would pay for ads so here are some 5 sneaky tips and tricks that will blast your blogs viewer, before that subscribe to our blog site.

By what method you can Promote Your Blog free without payingforads?

(1) Get to the Social Media.

  • If you are a blogger or owns a online store and you are not on any social media apps than your store or your blog isbody without soulmeans your blog or store is yourbody and the social media is the soul of it so go social.
  • Social media helps you let know what are your competitors doing and what people are thinking about your competition so…

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Adding Tags to Blog Posts?

Jeremy in Hong Kong

My blogs posts are random assortments of whatever catches my interest on a given day. For the most part they remain unseen and unread — which suits me just fine. Very occasionally though, I write a post that I think some people might find useful. My reach however is confounded by the fact that the only person who reliably reads my blog is well, me. I’ve never attempted to reach a wider audience by working with any of the available wordpress tools, but an article I read the other day about the benefits of tagging got me thinking:

When you use tags, you instantly create new pages for your blog that are fully indexable, searchable, and rankable. In other words, you create additional content that can bring search engine visitors.


Hmmm….interesting. Could adding in a few tags be a quick and simple way to make posts easier to…

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How to get more traffic on your blogposts

Tea Spangsberg

Writing a good blogpost can be hard, but there’s a lot of good advice out in the world (Like this great post from Jenny in Neverland) so I’m not gonna talk too much about that today. What I am going to talk about is how to get some more engagement on those blog posts.

This blog might be new and I’m no expert, but I’ve been blogging for more than 5 years so I do have some experience.

Share your post.

So, you’ve written the perfect blog post, what then? Most people aren’t gonna see it unless you make it visible. I like to share it on my social media platforms. Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are all good places to share.

If you wanna drive some extra traffic, sharing your post in Twitter blog share threads is effective but it only works if you put in the…

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