Using Your Blog Like Social Media: A Great Way Too Grow

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Over the course of time I have created about 25 blogs, and websites. I’ve Invested money in about 5, and invested a great deal of time in about 7 of them. The others I’m saving for when I can officially afford to invest greatly in them.

In my blogging adventure I have noticed several things, but the thing that stuck out the most to me was the fact that the msot successful blogs, and sites (both the ones I’ve had myself, and the ones of other peoples I’ve seen) are ones that get personal.

My quickest growing blog was this one called HS1DAY. Yes it was successful, and I don’t doubt that if I had kept it up that it would be at 1,000 followers by now. But eventually I lost the passion, so I just moved my followers to my site

HS1DAY, His Story 1 Day (HS1DAY)…

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The Ultimate Guide to Blogging for Your Business

Plan • Engage • Grow

The ultimate guide to blogging for your business

One suggestion I always give new clients is to have a consistent and engaging blog that provides value by addressing their customers’ needs, entertains them, and uses smart SEO tactics to rank higher in search engines.

Yes, a blog can do each of these things for your business, and this post will show you how.

Why am I offering all of this free information on how to create a blog for your business if it’s a service I sell?

Well, for one, I want to see you succeed. For real. I strongly believe in the power of small businesses to contribute to local and larger economies, providing goods and services on a level where “customer service” is still a value.

But also, I get it. Not every business owner is at the place where she or he is looking to hire an…

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5 Defining Traits of a Well-Liked Blogger

boy with a hat

Whether or not people keep returning to your blog depends not just on your content, but also on your personality and how well you express it.

In my last post, I shared with you 23 “Bad” Blogging Habits. Following from that, I want to talk a bit about the traits I keep seeing in well-liked bloggers.

By well-liked, I mean a blogger who is followed, Liked, and shared, and whose posts always leave us feeling that we’ve gained something from them.

Nurturing these traits can make us all not just better bloggers, but better writers – an invaluable lifelong skill.

So, what traits am I talking about?


Authenticity means being you. It doesn’t mean being obnoxiously personal or narcissistic.

It means blogging in a voice that comes naturally to you. A voice that’s not made up, but which isn’t as rough as pure speech or pure thought either.

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12 Blog Post Ideas for Your Writing Blog


If you’re a blogger, it can be difficult to keep coming up with things to write about. So here are a few blog post ideas for those of you who run writing blogs like me. Maybe they’ll also spark some article ideas for other types of bloggers too!

1) Share your writing space

Do you have a study, or are you tucked away under the stairs? Maybe you’ve got a room in the garden or perhaps it’s the good old-fashioned kitchen table.

2) Tips to get over writer’s block

We’ve all been there and we all have different ways to get over the dreaded writer’s block, so why not share yours?

3) Your favourite writers

Choosing your favourite book is kind of like choosing your favourite child! Picking your top authors is somewhat easier and could inspire someone to try reading them.

4) Best writing blogs/websites

Share the…

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Improve your blogging journey.

Sparkle Official

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.Izaak Walton

This was the first and auto-generated post on my blog. When I started, I didn’t knew what this quote meant. Now that I am blogging for a year, I kind of understood that blogging is a journey.

It is !

It’s not a gambling game where you write something and next day you gain followers and stars. And, if money drives you more than passion for writing, you are at the wrong door. Blogging isn’t the place for overnight fame and glory. This is where smart-work ( Hard-work + Creativity ) pays off.

You might have seen many bloggers with thousands of followers and a good number of readers. Newbie bloggers admire them and wonder how they did that? It is neither luck nor black magic. It’s passion. Passion means desire with fire. The desire to write…

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Blogging Tip: Don’t Feel Like Writing? Visit Your Reader


Do you ever open WordPress, look at that blank screen and think, “This is it. This is the moment when I run out of topics to blog about.”

And in that moment, you begin to panic. Will you ever blog again? Will you be reduced to merely someone who used to blog instead of someone who blogs? What will your followers think? Will they even notice? Should you just shut down your blog?

Image result for woah calm down gifSeriously, calm down and stop freaking out.

Yes, you have run out of topics to write about and things to blog about (for now). Just because you are currently stumped does not mean that you will continue to be. However, you cannot stare at a blank screen and force yourself to write (most likely nothing will happen and if you do produce anything, it probably won’t be any good.) So calm down, and allow yourself…

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How To Create Killer Content & Get Noticed From Your Blog

New Lune

I think as a blogger, we all want to write great quality blog posts. It doesn’t matter what the topic of your blog post is nor what niche your blog is but sometimes, this can be a bit of a struggle. For example, you might not know what to write or can’t brainstorm any blog post ideas which would result in lack of blog posts and traffic on your blog.

Think about it. If your audience don’t find your blog posts helpful, informative or interesting then you won’t get any views nor followers on your blog! In today’s post, I’m going to share with you some tips & tricks to write killer content on your blog and get noticed!

Je pense qu’en tant que blogueur, nous voulons tous écrire des articles de blog d’excellente qualité. Le sujet de votre article de blog n’a pas d’importance, ni la niche de votre…

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