A short break in Carlingford

Two weekends ago, we took a short break to the picturesque town of Carlingford. Situated on Ireland’s ancient East coast, on the edge of  Carlingford lough, and with the impressive backdrop of Slieve Foy,  the town is just over 100 miles from Belfast (about 75 minutes drive) and a short distance over the border that separates the north and south of Ireland (the very same border at the heart of the Brexit negotiations !)

Carlingford is a town steeped in history, its roots dating back to Viking times and it still retains its medieval layout with castle ruins, narrow lanes and small streets. Its compact size makes it  a lovely destination for a short break with beautiful views across the lough,  brightly painted houses and good quality restaurants , pubs and cafes all within walking distance.

We arrived late afternoon on a Friday, staying for two nights at the wonderful…

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Neon Invasion

The Soft Style

Neon is to this fashion season what Galliano was to Dior: a scandalous savior. As notorious as animal prints, this trend is loved when it is fresh in the air and despised when out of sight. Being a tricky trend to master, neon is either a ‘click-my-pic-I-look-fly’ option or a faux pas. There is no in between!

And as limited as our fashion resource is, neon like every other trend of today has been carefully hand picked from the 80’s fashion archive. Either the new generation lack fore sight or are just wrapped up in the past magic.


Neon has had its own set of short comings. Being hailed as eccentric, too loud and even tasteless, poor neon has heard it all and keeping this alive, there is a taboo that gives neon such a bad reception. People associate neon to athleisure and party and hence, feel like neon can be worn…

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Can you tell I’m …


Can you tell I’m ready for spring??
More looks coming this week.
And these PC are all about quality and details.
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Gorgeous @billieruthbeauty modeling
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Can you tell I’m … – February 16, 2019 at 07:21PM

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Hoarder or Collector!


When does Collecting become Hoarding?

Am I am Hoarder or a Collector?

Maybe I am both!

These are questions that I sometimes ask myself. Now let’s get somethings straight. You can see the floors and walls in my room. My room is clean and doesn’t smell. For the record I think of myself as a Collector.

Now that’s I have cleared that up, let’s get into my Collecting.

I love to collect certain things. I will buy and keep anything Harry Potter. I have an entire storage box filled with CD’s that I can’t seem to get rid of. I have hundreds of DVD’s, some movies some TV series. And don’t get me started on books.

I have run out of room in my bedroom for my books and have now commandeered part of the hallway to install more bookshelves. I also have draws and cupboards filled with notepads and…

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Makeup Declutter 2019 | Powders, Primers & Setting Sprays

Floating in Dreams

It’s Sunday today and I have another decluttering video for you. Today we’ll be finishing off the base products with powders, primers and setting sprays. I don’t have too many in each category, so that is why I am grouping those together. After this, we still have blush, bronzer, highlighter and face palettes left, so I have plenty more to come. So stay tuned and in the mean time I hope you enjoy today’s video. Have a great Sunday!

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Palette Declutter pt.2

the opulent yonge

The general theme for the palettes I sold last week was that they just weren’t my favourites. Most are good quality palettes, but not necessities in my collection. Also, they were ones that I thought I would be able to sell easily and for a decent price.

Tarte Love, Trust & Fairy Dust – Bought for $37.38, sold for $35

This one is the exception to what I said above – I don’t think it is good quality. I love the colour story, but I was disappointed in the performance of the shadows. I would have returned it if I had purchased it from Sephora, but I bought it from Tarte during one of their sales. The packaging was ADORABLE but I don’t have room for palettes that don’t perform in my collection!


ABH Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit – Bought for $58.76, sold for $25

This glow kit is good…

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Brisbane Skytower: Brisbane’s new tallest building 


I’ve walked past this building daily and watched it grow over time. So for this reason I thought it would be good to do a quick post on it.

It’s an impressive size and is now the tallest building in Brisbane.

Walking through the Botanic Gardens it dominates the skyline. It’s almost complete by the looks of things and looks awesome with the sun hitting the windows. Even being surrounded by tall trees isn’t enough to block out the view of the 887ft tower.

Sometimes it is hard to capture the perspective in a photo, but being Sunday there were markets on in the gardens and this helped take care of that.

This is the view right underneath it. Skytower will also have the highest infinity pool in Australia. Not a bad view during a swim!

It’s a great addition to the Brisbane skyline, if high rises are your thing…

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