Healing after a loss. Healing after a loss My personal passage through grief. Written By: Courtney Geary-C Healing after a loss. My personal passage through grief. Written By: Courtney Geary-Cox Grief never ends, but it changes. It is a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness nor a lack... Continue Reading →

Incremental plagiarism: How to avoid the serious consequences- by Janice Wald…

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on Mostly Blogging:

Do you know what counts as incremental plagiarism?

If you are a blogger or other type of writer, you should know what incremental plagiarism is in order to avoid committing it.

Incremental plagiarism is a crime.

This post will answer the question, “What is incremental plagiarism.”

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know the serious repercussions of incremental plagiarism and how you can avoid committing incremental plagiarism.

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When You Struggle With Promotion

My Rockin Disabled Life

Do you struggle with promoting your blog or writing posts? I personally have a more difficult time promoting posts than I do writing them. I was always the kid that sat in the back of the classroom and hoped no one noticed I was there. I recently published an article onhttps://themighty.com/and it was probably the most terrifying thing I have ever done! Publishing an article on another website can be very helpful if you are trying to reach a larger audience. It can also be very terrifying if promoting your blog is very difficult for you! If you struggle with promotion here are a few tips that may make it a little less scary.

Just do it-I have always been that kid that I didn’t really want anyone to know was I there. I would always sit in the back of the classroom hoping the teacher would…

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Conversation with Food Reviewer & Blogger “Radhika Aggarwal”

From Traveling 2 fooding

Welcome once again to our Interview series, where we talk with travelers, photographers, bloggers, influencers, fashion designers and many more people all around the globe and share their ideas, journey’s and tips.

Today we have a discussion with a girl behind the “Foody Bliss”. Foody Bliss is an Instagram page, runs by our guest Radhika Aggarwal. Radhika is a blogger & food reviewer who loves to eat and repeat. Apart from blogging she is also interested in digital marketing & journalism. Moving to the Radhika, let’s have a quick discussion.

Questions & Answers

  1. Please tell us about yourself and your blog?

Currently I’m pursuing bachelor’s in journalism and mass communication, BJMC. Once I qualified my high school, I enrolled myself into digital marketing and cybersecurity in terms of diploma courses. Which served me right to survive the food blogging. Learning news trends in the food industry intrigue me which leads…

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How To Instantly Get More Traffic — Lifesfinewhine

Jesusluvsall's Blog

How To Get More Traffic The most frequently asked questions I get are “How can I increase my following” and “How can I increase my traffic”. Although both are a process and take a while there are some ways to also instantly give your following and traffic an instant boost. For today’s post I decided […]

How To Instantly Get More Traffic — Lifesfinewhine

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How To Keep Your Readers Coming Back To Your Blog

New Lune

Whether you blog as a hobby or job, people reading and checking out your blog is a big boost of motivation. Not only are they taking the time to check out your website but they are also contributing to your blog in terms of traffic. I want to emphasise on the fact that traffic is an important element of your blog if it’s something you are interested in. It shouldn’t take over your blog to the point you are checking your stats constantly. Plus, traffic do fluctuate depending on your audience, time of the year and your content so there is really no point getting discouraged or disappointed if you don’t see the numbers you would like to see because most of the times, there aren’t any issues from your side.

With that said, if traffic is something important to you and you would like to

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To Write Better, Read…

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I’ve always believed that readers make the best writers. Any skill I have has come from reading books. I’m a collector of books. I treasure them. I also treasure handwritten notes and am especially proud of the few recipes I have which are written in my grandmother’s hand. It’s like having a bit of her still with me- unique to her and I would recognize her handwriting anywhere. I have a handwritten Cheese Sauce Recipe which has stood the test of time too. Written after World War II – it helps me realize that while ‘oleo’ was almost never used- it was during the time when supplies were rationed.

I also think journaling is a worthwhile pastime- in fact, I’m still surprised by what I was thinking or learning at the time…

My 6 year old sister taught 4 years old me- how to read and write. It set me…

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