10 Ways To Grow Your Blog

New Lune

I’ve written a number of blog posts about ways to grow your blog which includes your  number of followers as well as views, likes & comments. It’s one of the most asked questions I receive and as a blogger, I know how important growing your blog is to you. The only thing I would like to remind you is the fact it will take some time before you start to notice a difference. For some bloggers, it might be after a couple of days whereas for others, it might be after a couple of weeks or months so don’t be discouraged.

In addition, remember that all the tips I mention on my blog will work for all blogs in all niches in general. You have to create strategies on the each point I have mentioned based on your blog in order to make it work. Those points…

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Download my free book on blogging tips!

The Bitter Lemon

Surprise! I decided to make my Blogging for Beginners textbook available for FREE on Amazon today through Saturday, June 13, 2020 — do not sleep on this!

I wrote this book specifically for my students and it’s packed with tips for beginning bloggers.

Grab it while you can & enjoy 🙂

PS. If you like the book or are looking for more ways to learn about blogging and digital marketing, head over to The Bitter Lemon’s Patreon!

On the Patreon, I share exclusive content every week — including video tutorials and audio clips — focused on blogging, SEO, and digital strategies. Hope to see you there!

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Blogger Favs

Ok_LaurenJ's World

We have touched based on this before, being a blogger is such a rewarding thing, no matter your base size. It has become a well known fact these days, the blogging world is taking the world by storm. There are so many perks to being a blogger and no, I do not mean simply the brand deals and the free items that everyone automatically associates with this blogging world. Blogging is wayyyyyyy more than that.

You have the power to connect so many different people together, people with a variety of backgrounds and life experiences all coming together in one place through the common denominator that is you. It is an incredible base place to connect loads of people together and sometimes without them realising too, people will start to feel like your blog is a second home.

You build up a safe environment and place, if done correctly we…

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3 Blogging Truths Nobody Tells You

Pages & Paws

Red And Blue Parrot · Free Stock Photo

Ever wish someone had told you how to get from Point A to Point B as a blogger? What to do and what to avoid? What works and what’s a waste of time?

I wish someone had told me some things when I first started blogging – shortly after the discovery of fire. After many, many fits and starts and enough mistakes and mis-steps to choke a camel, I’ve learned some essential blogging truths. Here are three:

Truth #1

Sometimes you don’t feel like writing. I can spend a whole afternoon puttering around doing absolutely nothing. Just to avoid writing. (This never lasts. I just threw it in to see if you’re paying attention.)

But sometimes the mere notion of sitting down and banging out something brilliant is as appealing as a slug. Like: I haven’t even started writing yet, and I’m already exhausted. 

Sometimes writing is as attractive…

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How To Stop Caring About Numbers As A Blogger

New Lune

As a blogger, it’s very hard not to care about numbers when they are present everywhere when blogging. Whether it’s on your blog or social media in terms of followers count, likes, comments, views, etc. Don’t get me wrong, you absolutely need to focus and check your numbers regularly because they are quite important. They are a great indicator of how well your platform/content is performing and you can check your growth and create/implement strategies based on those information.

But at the same time, numbers can have quite the opposite effect as well. It might make you feel discouraged and make you think you aren’t growing as fast as you would like to. It’s important to focus on numbers but how do you create the mindset to not care about them when you check your blog/social media stats on a daily basis? Well, that’s what…

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Of Blogging ABCs I Would Rather You Didnt

Becoming The Muse

I would rather you didn’t

apologise for being authentic

Apologise for being authentic

You matter and you have a right to be here:

Whether you are just starting or you have had a long time to hone your craft, whether you have no one else reading or the whole world hanging on your words, whether you are expert in your field or a novice offering their humble opinion, whether you are on a free platform or you own your domain, assert your right to be seen and heard.

If you cannot unapologetically be yourself in your creative space where else will you be you?

Your blog is whatever you believe it to be and no one else can tell you otherwise.

Let your content proudly reflect, flaws and all This Is Me.

blogging as a hobby

Blog as a hobby

Contrary to popular opinion blogging is not a hobby, while yes you can do it just…

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How to write blogs daily

Technology | Nutrition | Health

You are in a marathon, not sprint

I started blogging on 13th of May, 2020. My areas of interest revolve around fitness applications, marketing tips wether digital or hard-core street sales, healthy habits with a touch of technology associated with it.

I am just like you, a normal person. I don’t have extraordinary skills certifying me to write blogs. I write about those things which genuinely interest me. I ask myself ‘is the reader getting value after reading my article?’. If the answer is ‘Yes’, I go ahead with it, else I don’t ‘Publish’ it. I take a break that day. I am cultivating a habit of planning content for the next day. Yes it is difficult, but it is forcing me to improve myself. To write blogs, I need knowledge, for knowledge I need to read about the updates in the industry. To write about fitness apps, I…

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10 Manfaat Ikut Lomba Blog

blog belalang cerewet

Apakah manfaat ikut lomba blog sepadan dengan effort atau usaha yang kita kerahkan? Jawabannya bisa jadi beragam dan relatif, berbeda-beda antara satu bloger dengan bloger lainnya. Namun berdasarkan pengalaman saya pribadi, mengikuti lomba blog punya manfaat yang sangat produktif untuk kemajuan diri saya sebagai narablog. Bukan hanya potensi hadiah yang sering kali menggiurkan, tetapi manfaat lain yang tak kalah menyenangkan bahkan boleh dibilang memperkaya diri dalam pengertian seluas-luasnya.

Apa saja manfaat ikut lomba blog yang saya maksud? Beberapa di antaranya saya catat sebagai berikut yang tercantum dalam sepuluh butir utama. Semoga setelah membaca poin-poin tersebut, teman-teman narablog atau bloger terlecut untuk mengikuti aneka lomba blog yang tak pernah sepi dihelat. Selamat menikmati.

Apa saja manfaat ikut lomba blog?

1 | Melatih keterampilan menulis

Manfaat utama yang sayang dilewatkan dengan mengikuti lomba blog adalah meningkatnya kemampuan menulis. Meskipun lomba blog semakin ketat persaingannya, terbukti dengan hadirnya blogpost yang dilengkapi dengan infografik…

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