The Looting Machine | Book Review


The Looting Machine.pngIt is hard to get a birds-eye view of whats going on in the African continent: Even if the continent is progressing forward, there seem to be a select few countries that never seem to catch a break. Journalist Tom Burgis gives some insight into the behind-the-scenes in his book “The Looting Machine”, from the oil fields in Nigeria to the junta controlled cobalt mines in Congo. 

“Depending on the vagaries of supply chains, if you have a Playstation or a pacemaker, an Ipod, or a laptop or a mobile phone, there is roughly a one-in-five chance that a inty piece of eastern Congo is pulsing within it” – Tom Burgis

During the process of reading “The Looting Machine”, I stopped at each chapter and had a conversation with my girlfriend about the topic at hand and it fascinated me how different we approached these things covered in the chapter:…

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