How do you promote your blog or business?

Skeptical Heartism

Yesterday was the first weekend the Christmas market was open.
The streets were crowded.
The shops took advantage of it by promoting all kinds of “good deals”.

Promotion can be done in several ways.
I have received countless emails from things I didn’t even know I was subscribed to.
Walls are filled with flashy posters.
But for some reason, shop owners think it’s a good idea to make youngster stand in the cold, handing out flyers.
Refusing seems a bit rude and in the end the piece of paper was useful for disposing chewing gum.
But most of them ended up as waste on the street.
Yet, the teenager kept on staying until closing time.

Persistency, assertiveness and consistrncy are essential when promoting your product, but to what extend?

If you’re an Apple user, you know that the device won’t end until it drives you mad and finally do that…

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