Every Day Must Have Personal Care Products: Current Hit and Miss items

Weekend Quaintrelle

I like to think that I live a practical life, especially when it comes to my personal care. I enjoy products that aren’t over complicated and of course, are effective. I usually find myself sticking to the same basic products for my everyday care, but if I see a great review or someone recommends me a product I am always open to trying it out. So here’s a break down of what are my favorite must have products and what products I tried out and didn’t work for me.

Lens Cleaning Wipes
First Aid Beauty Hand Cream
Burt’s Bee Chapstick
Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel

I LITERALLY would be blind without my glasses, and I recently got a new pair of Ray Bays, which I absolutely LOVE! However, one of my pet peeves is dirty glasses so one of my must have products are my Lens Cleaning Wipes

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Heather’s Favorite Things 2019

Heather Fern

Welcome back to the third annual “Heather’s favorite things” list! This is basically my Christmas wishlist and the top items I am wanting this season. It is so funny to look back on year’s past and you can get a glimpse of what was going on in that season of life and what my priorities were. Per usual, I thought to myself about a month ago ‘I really don’t think I will have much on my list this year, I don’t need anything’. While the second half of that is more true (what do we REALLY need??), I have proved myself wrong and have a growing list of household items, clothes, beauty, and tech items that I am hoping the big man in red drops into my stocking this year. Hopefully this will help you compile your list, check it twice, and mail it off to the North Pole before…

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Dear Santa, I've Been Good

My Tiffy Taffy World

Hi guys!

I hope that you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!
I’ve had so much going on over the last couple of weeks that I haven’t had a chance to chat with all of you. I finally have a moment to sit down with some eggnog and catch up.

Speaking of a lot going on, this time of year most of us are busy doing a lot more running around. It’s important that we don’t forget to take a moment for ourselves. Whether that be a long relaxing bath, a cup of tea, a beauty routine, or shopping. I’ve decided to share with all of you a few of my favorite beauty items. These items will either make a perfect gift for someone on your list or a treat for yourself.

My Drybar Besties

Blown Away
I’ve tried a lot of hot tools for my hair. A LOT! And hands…

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Winter Fragrance Collection

Obsy Inyang

Do you use one fragrance all year round? or are you the type to switch fragrance as the weather changes?

I am definitely the one to change fragrance as the weather changes. I usually get sick of some scents after a while if it does not go with my mood or the weather.

Last winter period, I was all about very sweet, gourmand scents and it literally would make me feel more sexy and confident. Come 2019 winter, I get tummy turns when I use just a sweet, fruity fragrance without making cocktails out of my fragrance. Due, to this, I had to find the scent for the season lol.

Gbam! I stumbled on what I love: A strong woody, smoky, boozy fragrance that is well balanced with some sweet notes. 

I made a video with my precious friend @lamboliite rating some fragrances I had gotten recently.

watch my…

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Lime Crime Venus XL

Floating in Dreams

You may have noticed I have been MIA for a few days and that’s because I caught a flu. So I decided to get over it first before posting again. Which is why today I am back with a vengeance and I bring to you another eyeshadow palette review including three looks with the palette featuring all shades in the palette. The palette in question? The Lime Crime Venus XL eyeshadow palette.

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Building Blocks of An Epic Content Strategy

Jaybo's Blog

What Is A Content Strategy, And Why Do You Need It?

It is the overall plan, development, and management of content within a business. According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), a content strategy “is a marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” Most digital marketers know the importance of a content strategy and how valuable it is to the business.

Now that we know content marketing is the only marketing left, we need a plan. We need a content strategy to keep track of it all. These are the 10 building blocks to create an epic content strategy!

Jiabo Leung Infographic - Building blocks to an epic strategy final

Step #1 – Identify Your Business Goals

What is the underlining purpose of your business? What would you like to achieve? In other words, identify who you are and what you…

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