Abolish Upset Skin With Volition

Anxiety Has Taken Over


Well here we are again; another year has come and gone since my last log. It’s amazing what has changed since then and what I did not accomplish even though I said I planned too. For me 2019 was full of anxiety and stress. Most of it I brought onto myself.

In Feb, I started working part time for an event planning company that at first was great and full of promise. This actually seemed like something I could do in my spare time once I got my real estate license (still working on by the way). However, the company went south fairly quickly due to circumstances beyond the owners control. In fact I, to my knowledge, am still employed with this company but I haven’t heard from the owner regarding the 2020 plans and we are less than 3 days away from the new year. This is very disheartening…

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2019: A Year in Review

Hey gal! Welcome back to The Carolina Peach. This post is going to look much different than others, because I am sharing something a little more personal about how my 2019 year was for me; spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

First, I would like to say that I am truly thankful for YOU. Those that show up every week to read a blog or show your love and support on Pinterest and Instagram. A space to curate posts and photos that demonstrate vulnerability, raw goodness of our everyday lives to inspire, fulfill, and encourage y’all to be unapologetically yourself. You are what makes this possible, so THANK YOU, SWEET GIRL!

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Get to know me tag

The B Word

Hello everyone,

I was thinking of good blog post ideas that i could do and one idea that came to me was to do a get to know me post. I’m not sure about you but one thing i feel as I read peoples blogs are even though some of them have amazing experiences or achieve amazing things I don’t know the simple things about people. As I want to learn more about other people as well, I have decided to turn this into a tag.

question1: Where were you born?

I was born in Scotland. I have always lived in a town in Scotland.

question2: What is your biggest fear?

Now this is an interesting one because I am basically scared of anything and everything. Growing up from the age of about 2 I had a terrible fear of dogs. It was really quite hard because growing up from…

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Pages and Screen

New year, new decade, time for some changes. Every year I set resolutions, always the same, generic headings: “drink more water”, “get fit”, “save money” and “eat healthier”. I’ve never actually set any detail or set any way to measure the success of my resolutions so this year, I’m setting proper, detailed resolutions and I’m going to track the progress in my diary and I will post a weekly progress update on here.

1. Walk 10,000 steps five days a week

In November I bought a Fitbit to encourage me to walk more. I had convinced myself I walked 10,000 steps a day already but the Fitbit has shown me I actually do around 5,000 on weekdays and around 12,000 over the weekend (10,000 of that being on a Saturday). I think saying I’ll do 10,000 everyday is unrealistic because I think some days it will be challenging to get…

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Best of the Decade: Second Cleansers

sarah fynn

This year I fell hard for double-cleansing. After I discovered that I could use makeup remover clothes from Primark ( they remove makeup with just water) with my balms, I fell in love.  Double cleansing has definitely helped improve the texture of my skin and this year, I have tried a few balms and oils. These are the ones that stood out.

  1. Beauty Pie Japanfusion Transforming Cleanser– I discovered this when I was doing my BP challenge and instantly fell in love. I finished this product in 2 weeks! The texture and performance are really top-notch and if you are a member of BP you get this for drugstore prices. Review

  1. Farmacy Green Clean– this product is a classic Instagram made me do it… but it’s so worth it. it melts ever so easily and removes all traces of makeup! it’s a must. Review

  1. Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing…

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End of Year Faves

Little Light Blue Book

Hello everyone, its been a while since I have uploaded and I can thank uni exams for that but thank God that they are over and that the holidays are here! I do hope to post more during my break so stay tuned for that😋

Excuses aside, I wanted to round up my favourite things from 2019 whether they be books, movies, TV shows or skincare products. I wanted to reflect on the physical things that made me happier this year as it comes to a close. This will be a very random makeshift list but that is the intention. I find that there can be beauty in mess and this will be a reflection of that!😅


This is a book blog first and foremost so of course I am going to start with books! Honestly, there were so many great books released this year and so many that…

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