Saddle-Cloth – Pokrivač – Derka / Poem by Eliza Segiet

Galaktika Poetike "ATUNIS"

Poem by Eliza Segiet
Yesterday I was in Lodz with my friends
today I know
that only in dreams I can meet them.
Yesterday I dreamed of factories
today I know
that they sew German uniforms.
Yesterday I drove a cab
today I know
I must be stronger
than the horse that pulled it.
Yesterday I slept
in starched bedding
my wooden cot is covered with saddle-cloth.
Yesterday was a phantasm
only the belief
that in people
will remain something of a Human.
Translated by Artur Komoter
Juče sam bio u Lođu kod prijatelja
– danas već znam
da samo u mogu da ih sretnem.
Juče sam sanjao o fabrikama,
– Danas već znam
da se tamo šiju nemačke uniforme.
Juče sam se vozio kočijom
– danas već znam
da moram biti snažniji

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