Money for nothing: Misconceptions of the digital content creation industry

On The Record

The digital content creation industry is not as glamorous as it may seem (Image Source: Jordan Henry)

By Leon Georgiou | @leon_georgiou

Like many teenagers, Jordan ‘Jent’ Henry played video games throughout high school.

Unlike most teenagers, Jordan would turn that interest and his passion for creative writing into his main source of income (at least for a time).

After years of making videos on YouTube, local Adelaidean Jordan launched a new channel, ‘JentPlays’, on 16 August, 2016.

The account has gone on to amass a 124,000 following – not bad for a 22-year-old from Adelaide.

You are likely aware of the headlines claiming YouTube personalities making six-figure incomes, generated by advertising revenue.

Swedish YouTube sensation PewDiePie is perhaps the most infamous, with monthly earnings estimated between $86,000 and $1.4 million.

Because of this, on the face of it, some might think Jordan has a dream job…

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