Get to the Point Book Reviews: Good Girl, Bad Girl (Cyrus Haven #1) by Michael Robotham

Book Review Rules.

The book may (or may not) work for me personally but that’s not to say it didn’t do wonders for (or fail) someone else.

*This review contains adult language.*


Good Girl, Bad Girl by Michael Robotham

Would I recommend?

Favorite Quotes

I’m not his prisoner. I can wander down to the kitchen to grab a bite. I can walk outside and dance under the streetlight and nobody would stop me. Maybe that’s what’s keeping me awake – the choices. (p. 155, Kindle ed.)

Counselors and therapists have always told me to accept my reality, but none of them has ever explained why. (p. 259, Kindle ed.)

The Goods

  1. For any cut of beef, expect a percentage of fat to accompany it. The same can be expected of authors and their works. Perhaps not the most flattering analogy but then I suppose that rather depends…

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