Why do we love it hard?

Izabell Key

Huh, I caught you!I didn`t say anything! You are the pervy ones.

I was just thinking about how hard we do everything, and how hard we make our lives be. We always go for the hardest. I guess we love hard stuff.

What am I expecting?

We born in the hardest way ever. You shit in your pants, and who the hell knows how hard it is when your first tooth comes into the picture. Gases, and ohh…

You drive your mom crazy, because you are a pain in the ass, crying all day and night, just because you can`t speak. Think! How hard it is!

Then, you grow up hardly. You face the first love at the primary school, and you find out how hard is to understand girls. You have those damn homework to do, the first responsibilities. Probably get your ass spanked by your mama because you…

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