What Can You Learn From A Stellar Solopreneur?

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Original interview: Bizcatalyst360


“We define the weather in social media – let the Sun shine! Never let go of your passion for bringing value and inspiration to your audience.”

~ Maria Lehtman

Are you wondering how to make it as an entrepreneur and succeed in social media? Does media today seem like a galactic map that keeps expanding while you move forward? Change in the digital domain is constant. How do you stay on top and find your innovation ecosystems?

In my 2019 interview series, we focus on how digital transformation impacts the social and business life of international entrepreneurs. At the heart of a successful social media business, you always find a hard-working digital innovator. For this article, I had the pleasure of interviewing my favorite Global Solopreneur, Dennis J. Pitocco, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief for BIZCATALYST 360°, award-winning business, culture, and…

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