What is Beauty?

Daedelus Kite

…and what, after all *is* beauty? Above and beyond its purpose in the multi-billion year old living game and competition of biological self-propagation, as a method of drawing attention and as a token of symbolic value in cultural systems that themselves seek self-replication through diverse methods of attaching economic or social capital to putatively beautiful ideas or people, and as much as any other adaptive liquid logic of evolving information or energy systems and necessary metamorphosis must seek continuity and persistence, beauty is (also) something else.

Beauty is a lived fact and experience of creative individuation that, lost for words or the cognitive tools to comprehend this essence, we seek to express through simple patterns and caricatures of thought and form. It remains intransigently problematic that, at a moment of cultural and technological inflection and acceleration such as that through which we are currently living, the identification of surfaces and…

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