How to Blog Better

Harvesting Hope

Sure, I love to write and can easily fill journal pages. I like words, I do, I do.

Yet, my blog is still not where I want it to be. It must be time to change things up around here. What do I do? Other blogs and articles loaded with blogging advice all say the same thing.

I love advice…but, I really love love advice that is vague and repeated everywhere!

How annoying is it when everyone keeps telling you the same generic thing?

Super, and, still, they’re probably right.

Out of dozens of suggestions, I’ve found 3 to be particularly relevant. I had to limit my goals because a hundred goals would end up in a hundred failures. We’re a lot more likely to succeed in at least one way when our targets are focused and condensed rather than sporadic and overwhelmed.

“If you have 200 goals…

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