7 Reasons to Blog On (When You Don’t Feel Like It)

boy with a hat

There comes a time in every blogger’s life when posts grow scarce and you may think about closing your blog. Maybe you don’t have time to blog anymore. Or blogging fatigue creeps in. Or other ventures draw you away from your blog. Or you feel the need to withdraw from the world and stop writing about your life.

In other words, blogging may start to feel like a chore.

But you should think twice before quitting. Even if you post less, even if you take some off blogging, you don’t have to give up.

Here are some reasons to keep on at it.


It’s a good writing exercise. Whether you post every day or once a month, blogging helps to train your writing muscles.


It keeps you
connected to people.


Your passion
for blogging may reignite later on. If you keep your blog, you won’t have to

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