10 Tips to Maximize Your Blog Post’s Social Shares


magine this scenario: You spent sleepless nights crafting the best
content you could probably produce. However, a day or two after hitting
the “Publish” button, your content didn’t take off. It was radio

What could have gone wrong? It is because you’re lame when it comes to content production? Does your target audience even exist?

The thing is, it’s possible that your content is drowning in the sea of other content. It’s called content saturation. This can also lead to less social shares, that’s why your content isn’t getting the eyeballs it deserves.

But don’t worry, here are 10 hacks you can apply on your blog post to boost its social shares.

1. Research on trending topics

According to Neil Patel, “relevant, pressing, breaking news” is the type of content that gets the most social shares.

Breaking news is so fast-paced and usually takes a short 24-hour

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