write what you feel, and enjoy what you write

write what you feel, and enjoy what you write


When you get up in the morning and go on to your blog are you excited about what you write? or are you doing it out of habit? if you are excited then that is the reason you write a fantastic article, but if you are tired or despondent, then what you write is a waste of time.

It’s important to sometimes take a break from your blog, relax a little with friends and family, watch a movie, do anything you want to, but don’t write. A relaxed mind will produce far better quality content than one that is in turmoil, and that is why you either succeed or you don’t. It’s important to manage your time on your blog especially if your blog is your full-time job, what I mean is set aside family time and stick to it, then set aside your time and stick with it, and then create a time table on how you work your blog, for example, you spend one hour every morning brainstorming and coming up with idea’s for your blog, and decide what day’s you are going to post on, and if you have a deadline to meet for a client, give your self plenty of time to do this without stressing, and don’t overload yourself with work that you really can’t manage.

The issue with a lot of bloggers today is mental health, basically they burn out, and this, in turn, can lead to a decline in their physical health, writing must be relaxed and as stress free as possible, am not saying don’t work hard, but I am saying to spot the signs and say to yourself am putting the laptop away.

There is a lot of talented bloggers out there, and they can be even better bloggers with a well-managed lifestyle and a more disciplined approach to blogging. stay healthy, stay happy and enjoy what you write.



A community is your friend.

A community is a source of advice.

A community is a safe place.

A community is a business.

A community is an escape.

A community is a world around us.

A community is an inspiration to so many of us.

We are all individuals in a world of billions, we are all unique in our own way, but one thing that binds us is our sense of belonging, of being part of something far greater than ourselves, we really are a global community.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley

Being part of something is important to all of us, but we all already have a community from the day we are born and that community is your family, and that’s the greatest community of them all.

Is It Better?


Is it better to see what someone looks like on the outside, instead of concentrating on what’s inside and who they are? Once again I have to pose this question, because I get people who will not connect with me on social media, or those who have connected with me, undo their connection, all because I refuse to show my face anywhere on line. Here’s my problem with why I won’t show my face:

1.) People judge you by what you look like first, not who you are inside, want to get to know someone? Read their thoughts, tweets and posts first.

2.)I don’t do dating apps or sites, I don’t use social media as a dating tool. Too many people use social media as a way to find potential partners or such. I like to get to know a woman in my case, in person, not through texting…

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Have you been to the fascinating fairytale town of Cesky Krumlov?


Cesky Krumlov, the iconic way…

Imagine green-yellow hues of the pastoral countryside of southern Czech Republic. Leading to an enchanting cobbled town cozily hidden within gently sloping hills. And a towering castle straight out of a Bohemian fairytale. Cynic or romantic…Český Krumlov can lure anyone into an endearing 16th-century time warp.

There are no bus-filled bays or bustling queues in sight. Maybe no one gets off with you at the bus station. A secluded road and an equally secluded petrol station in sight. A prick of doubt…are you even at the right place? Which way to the town? And how far? No cabs, cars or public transport to be seen. No signboards anywhere. Quick check with the petrol station. Apparently, its a 5 minute walk across the road. Oversized luggage roll, on your way. Wait, stop, hold it! That view, that view!  Lost your heart even before you step…

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Freedom of life only endures if nature does

The Digital Teacup

Life Inspired by Nature


“Freedom of life only endures if nature does.” ~ Maria Lehtman

There are so many treasures in life and beings on Earth we enjoy and have not yet even discovered. I focus on nature in my photography and self-transformation. Nature is an ecosystem where nothing goes to waste, everyone has a purpose and transformations happen out of necessity – not because someone wants to be something grander. Life is about survival, and betterment of the families and kin, hurds and groups.

Can we honestly say that we do not place our ego up front when making decisions that impact others? Can we raise our hands and say we have done everything to make this beautiful world even better. That our words express everything we consider valuable in the world. Do you connect the words: ‘hussle’, grandeur, luxury, skinny, flawless, admired or enviable with nature?  Would you…

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Define Insanity

My Poetic Life (the book)

I’ve been living in insanity. Undeniably my very own version and of my own doing. I can’t blame it on anyone else. I’ve been reliving little excerpts of my life exactly the same each time expecting different results. From something as broad as dating to something as complex as credit, I’ve somehow allowed myself to continue making the same mistakes. What makes that insane is that I actually would get upset when things didn’t work out AGAIN for the hundredth time.

I think more people live like this than not or we’d all be overachievers. It makes for a stressful life and a not so dull existence. But until I realized this, I knew I had to continue to move forward but wasn’t sure how. I have made tremendous progress with beginning my launch, this blog, my IG accounts, my Facebook and trying my hand at influencing. But now that…

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