9 Simple Blogging Tips Every Blogger Should Implement Today

The Annual Bloggers Bash

Something I enjoy reading, and which I enjoy sharing with other bloggers, are Blogging Tips. I don’t know about you, but ‘Blogging Tips’ always draw me in. Of course, not all blogging tips will work for every blogger, but there are a few simple tips that all bloggers should give a try.

Here are nine simple blogging tips which have helped the Bloggers Bash committee to become better bloggers.

1. Quality always beats quantity

When I first started to blog, I was publishing up to four or five blogs per day. My thinking was the more I published, the more visitors and followers I would get.

As a result, it wasn’t long before I was struggling to find ideas to write about, and the quality of my posts suffered. I soon saw my blog stats suffer as visitor and follower numbers dropped off.

Once I switched to publishing once or…

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Blogging Tip: When You Miss a Day… Or Two…


A couple days go by and without warning you realize that you have gone several days without posting, you have not created scheduled posts, you have not checked or replied to any of your WordPress notifications, in short, you have abandoned your blog. You want to race to your computer, but the unforeseeable distractions that first kept you from your blog are still there, still demanding your time, you cannot blog, you don’t have the time, and so you go another day without posting, commenting, liking, or replying.

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If this has happened to you, don’t lose hope or feel that your blog is now destined to fail. I believe that every blogger has experienced something similar to the above scenario. I know I did this past week.

For anyone who has noticed by absence (I apologize if that sounds arrogant), you may have wondered why I missed two posts last…

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Basics of Blogging

Virtual Siyahi

Want to start your own Blog? Don’t know why, how and where to start from? Let me help you take those first few steps. I am blogging from the last two years and it has only been 6-8 months I started blogging rigorously and religiously. Time to share what I learned as a blogger 🙂

Starting with, What is a Blog?

A blog is nothing but a regularly updated website or a web page, typically run by an individual, it is written in an informal or conversational style and anyone who has passion towards writing can create a blog. A blog is a type of website.

It is a wonderful medium to connect with people worldwide and form a connection through your writing skills.

Next question, Why to Blog?

Introspect your intent and identify why do you want to create your own blog? Do not step into the blogging world…

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Trying Something New With My Social Media

New Lune

I’ve been blogging for quite a long time and if there is something I’ve realised is the fact that I’m not into social media. I love my blog and everything that revolves around it which obviously includes social media platforms. However I’m not one of those people who is quite vocal & outspoken, always has interesting anecdotes to share and very motivational.

The weird thing is I’m comfortable doing all of these things on my blog rather than my social media. When it comes to Twitter or Instagram, I just take a step back. In today’s post, I want to share where I would like to take my social media in terms of content and experimenting with new things.

Je blogue depuis longtemps et si je réalise quelque chose, c’est que je ne suis pas dans les médias sociaux. J’adore mon blog et tout ce qui s’articule autour de celui-ci…

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Coming to Terms with Your Blogging Identity

The Visualist's Veranda

Angry Rabbit

There are times when my writing does not come up to the standards that I set for myself as a competitive perfectionist. The most recent example of this was my last article, detailing my thoughts on the latest Star Wars: Episode IX trailer. In it, much was said about how big corporations are run by Satan and that the existence of anything for profit is bereft of the creative soul. Upon publishing, I immediately looked back on it and thought, “Man, how often have I said all this before?”

Many times. Such is the identity I have established for myself the past six years.

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Three Tips on How to Generate Leads for Your Business with SEO


Search Engine Optimization has been a big deal for the last decade.
If you have come to this page then you already know how important SEO is
for businesses. Did you know that SEO is a great growth hack
for businesses wanting to generate more leads? If done correctly, SEO
can help your business to generate leads that are more qualified. This
is through ensuring website visibility and ensuring the contents on your
web pages appear on the SERPS.

Is that stuck deep in your mind? If so, the obvious question is how
you can use SEO for lead generation. Let us have a look at the following
tips on how to generate leads for your business with SEO.

1. Optimizing the Landing Page and the Inner Content

The initial step for ensuring your business is found on search
engines is optimizing the homepage and the inner content. There are

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Top of the Morning!!

Its "Tee Tyme" the writer

It’s “Tee Tyme”…

I appreciate ALL the feedback I’m getting for “Tangled In Charlotte’s Web” ..💞💓..I was excited to introduce you to my characters..WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THEM AT THE BOOK SIGNING!!

Details coming soon…😀😛

Those of you who purchased & read the book..PLEASE go on AMAZON & here on the WEBSITE & leave me a REVIEW..PLEASE!! 😀😄😉.. 😘😀😄💞


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