Gothic in Every Way – Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

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In the year 1991, the movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves saw the big screen and created quite a wave with young ladies of the time, such as me.

I became captivated by the folktale of Robin Hood and wanted to know more about the medieval time and its beauty and terror.

So here is my review of the first movie that had me fall for medieval times and Gothic history.

Original 1991 Summary

Nobleman crusader, Robin of Locksley, played by the fantastic Kevin Costner, breaks out of a Jerusalem prison with the help of Moorish fellow prisoner Azeem interpreted by the exceptional talent of Morgan Freeman and travels back home to England.

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves - 1991
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves – 1991

Then, upon arrival, he discovers his dead father in the ruins of his family estate, killed by the vicious sheriff of Nottingham, acted by the late and beloved, Alan…

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Digging into History: A Writer’s Guide to the Perfect Hero

Ann Malley

Humans LOVE a hero!

Times change, but people don’t. Contrary to what some
believe, we’re all born with a human nature that binds us together, forcing us
to grow and learn. But along the way, academic progress notwithstanding, mankind
has always enjoyed a vicarious thrill. Humans love to cheer champions who pull
off glorious feats in battle and game. Add a dash of Cinderella and a hero is

But there’s no need to look to the Marvel Universe. Ancient Rome’s chariot racing superstar, Flavius Scorpus, was everything this writer could want. He was born a slave, forever subject to the whims of another who held the power of life and death over him at every turn. But by way of skill, daring, and an incredible lucky streak, Scorpus rose from obscurity to mainline celebrity in the heart of the great empire. In the real world!

Scorpus rocked his world…

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Positive Thinking with Self Awareness

Florida Girl Writes

The power of the mind is both an exhilarating and terrifying thing. Some people enjoy their inner monologue, often getting lost in thought. Others prefer to keep themselves busy with tangible tasks because they don’t want to face what they’re thinking. The mind can take a person down dark paths. One negative thought can lead to another, traveling down a rapid spiral that is difficult to get out of. Finding a way to maintain optimism may seem impossible and insincere.

The average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before.

80 % of Thoughts Are Negative…95 % are repetitive By Faith Hope & Psychology

The Optimist, Pessimist, and Realist

An optimist is someone who is hopeful, even if the chances of success are stacked against them, some would consider these people, “dreamers.”…

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Mean Girls Unpacked: Analyzing Female-to-Female Office Bullying



Every woman with a corporate American job has encountered this rattlesnake in high heels. She is cold or overly critical to certain female colleagues, or worse, both. She engages in gossip and triangulation. She thrives on other women’s tears and sleepless nights that she causes. She won’t just do her job and go home, and refuses to let other women do the same. Because she is addicted to drama like some are to Starbucks. She and others like her exhibit the flipside of toxic masculinity.

They are the office mean girls.

It’s a shame that we are disgusted with bullying, and have a zero-tolerance attitude about it among children in school. But for some reason, it’s still alive and well in the office. And this is not to say that men don’t bully. They do. We have all heard of – or worked for – the “abusive genius” or “brilliant…

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Blogging – Why use internal links?

Writing and The Written Word

Internal links are hyperlinks
added to your page which link you to other pages within your own site. There’s
a lot of fluff articles out there and a lot of discussion around whether you
should use them for the reasons of Google optimization or search engine
optimization (SEO). However, I believe that the best reason to use internal
links on your webpages and blog pages is to guide your readers to other content
that is closely related to the current page or blog post. This means they don’t
have to search for other posts and/or scan down your posts to find other
related older articles. Providing these internal links can get you additional
page/blog use without relying on Internet search engines to bring people back
to your pages or blogs.

What can the use of internal links provide?

Internal links can provide an
opportunity for the typical blog or webpage…

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