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Is LOVE only about joy, bliss and compassion? Aren’t emotions like anger, fondness and respect in the same category? Why do we majorly tend to romanticize the idea of love? The love which is termed as bliss when it glows is the same love that turns into anger when it blows. Then why define it? Why can’t we just let it be in its purest form without exaggerating it? RESPECT is the most genuine form, REGARD is its warmest form, APPRECIATION is the happiest form, CONCERN is affectionate form and above all HUMANITY is the ideal form of love!! Then why is it so, that very rarely we decide to celebrate these forms? Throughout all my posts, I had a notion that LOVE is a cliche topic and hence it isn’t something to write about, but today I strongly feel that it is too vast to be cliche!! It exists…

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