How Personal Branding has Changed Me


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve only been “seriously blogging” for over a year, but with the few years that I’ve been working on content creation, I always get asked “how do you do it?”

To which my oblivious self will most likely respond with “what exactly is it?” And once I figure out that “it” refers to blogging and being a creator, I’m honestly a little thrown back.

It’s so weird to think that over the past year I’ve been working so hard to establish myself as a creator, that I’m finally starting to be recognized as one. Earlier this week, I got recognized on campus because of a dorm tour that I had filmed a few months ago. I had no idea that this stranger was a viewer of mine!

Check out my Sophomore Dorm Tour Here!

It really didn’t start to hit me that people value my opinions…

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