Discover Big Bad Dad, Stereotype Breaker

You are not a part of pop culture until you have been memed.

Standing at over 6 feet tall, covered in tattoos, is Ryan Bourquin pictured with his daughter Winnie – both wearing Snow White dresses.

Though the princess dresses are now reserved for special occasions, they do other typical royal activities in their lovely palace in Calgary. This includes reading, crafts, hiking, biking and yoga.

Inspired by their everyday life, this father and daughter duo published a picture book entitled, “Big Bad Dad“. They bring a new lens to the classic saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Bourquin explains, “If people were to see me, they would never guess that I would be doing tea parties, and nail paintings, and dressing up in dresses with my daughter. [But] at the same [time], still showing her proper values and hard work”.

What started off as…

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Single Saturdays: Sentiment Falls – Six Feet Under


Swedish duo Sentiment Falls has recently released a single entitled “Six Feet Under.” The story about a couple whose relationship didn’t work and they’re trying to process it.

The musical genre of the song Six Feet Under is Country. The rhythm is slow and steady. It reflects the subject and the mood of the tune nicely, which is that of heartache. I love the music of the guitar, the classic choice for an instrument heard in any Country song. The composition of Six Feet Under is well-done.
The voices of Andrea Bond and Ronnie Wilde compliment each other beautifully and sing in perfect harmony. They have incredible depth and richness in their sound.

The lyrics have a symbolic meaning to them. The title “Six Feet Under” is an excellent example of that. Andrea Bond and Ronnie Wilde sing about feeling like they’re “Six Feet Under”, which means in this context…

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A little more


Is LOVE only about joy, bliss and compassion? Aren’t emotions like anger, fondness and respect in the same category? Why do we majorly tend to romanticize the idea of love? The love which is termed as bliss when it glows is the same love that turns into anger when it blows. Then why define it? Why can’t we just let it be in its purest form without exaggerating it? RESPECT is the most genuine form, REGARD is its warmest form, APPRECIATION is the happiest form, CONCERN is affectionate form and above all HUMANITY is the ideal form of love!! Then why is it so, that very rarely we decide to celebrate these forms? Throughout all my posts, I had a notion that LOVE is a cliche topic and hence it isn’t something to write about, but today I strongly feel that it is too vast to be cliche!! It exists…

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Causes of obesity

Tony health and beauty blog

What is obesity? Is a medical condition in which excess body fat accumulated to the extent that it may have native effect on health.

Causes of obesity:

1) Genetics : children can become obese through their parents

2)eating junk food: eating junk food can make you become obese

3) becoming food addict: Becoming food addict can make you obese,food addict is very dangerous campared to drug abuse, eg alcohol, cocaine, nicotine and cannabis.

4) Aggressive marketing

5) Inulin: it is very important in the body hormones, it can regulate energy storage among other things.

6)certain medication: certain drugs can make you obese eg atidepressant can make you gain weight,diabetes and atipsychotics.

7) leptin resistance : this another hormone that can cause obesity

8)food availability :junk food is cheaper than healthy food.

9)sugar : intake of sugar can led to obesity

10) misformation: people are misformed about health and nutrition. The…

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Recensione: “Il principe crudele” di Holly Black!

Suitcase of dreams

Bentornati readers! Oggi vi parlerò di questo libro che ha diviso i bookblogger italiani, ma scopriamo il perché di questa tacita disputa di gusti.

Io sono fragile. Sono mortale. È la cosa che odio di più. Anche se, per miracolo, potrei essere meglio di loro, non diventerò mai una di loro.

Le prime pagine sono state un colpo, come potete vedere dal mio trucco e dalla sciarpa che indosso è tutto nei toni del rosso. Ebbene sì, inizia in modo cruento. Il lettore viene strappato dal suo mondo con violenza, trascinato come la protagonista e le sue sorelle in un mondo fatato e nulla è come appare. Di fatti la bellezza sconcertante delle fate e tutti gli esseri magici è senza ombra di dubbio ingannevole.

Fin da subito possiamo notare lo strano rapporto tra Jude e l’uomo che ha assassinato i suoi genitori. Lo stesso individuo che l’ha portata in…

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Federalism for All: Chance for lasting Peace

Postprandial Musings, 2.0

The Mindanao problem is ultimately a POWER problem – the power of one group over another. It is a problem of colonization. The fact that there was a law called the Legislative Act 4197 or Quirino-Recto Colonization of Mindanao Act, which was enacted on 12 February 1935 is very telling. The Commonwealth considered the Act as a lasting solution to Mindanao colony. The law enabled a massive exodus of settlers from Luzon and Visayas to Mindanao, with complete government support.

Partly in response to the Act, on 18 March 1935, 150 Maranao datus and sultans signed a manifesto, known as the Dansalan Declaration, and submitted it to the US President. The datus and sutans opposed the annexation of Mindanao to Luzon and Visayas.

A year and a half later, Commonwealth President Quezon signed into law Commonwealth Act 141 which classified all Moro lands as PUBLIC LANDS, thus making all the Moros…

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