How to do Brand Personification with Digital Marketing?


What is Brand Personification?

Brand Personification is a way to make a brand “alive” by giving it characters, just like a human being has characters. In other words, Brand Personification is a way to humanize a brand.

Businesses using real human ( and creatures sometimes ) to personify their brands. It’s much easier for consumers to connect with a personality than a handful of claims or benefits, especially when you’re dealing with something intangible, such as insurance products. Characters with unique personas allow the public to identify a brand and its offering in a way no other tactic can, helping to establish relationships with consumers that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

These are some examples of Brand Personification.

It’s a simple technique to employ. You can ask “If ( a company or a brand ) were a real person, what type of person would they be? Can you describe them…

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