Apparently Bathing in Hot Water & Skin Care Do Not Mix

Beauty & Bank

I understand the struggle of reading that disappointing title ladies and gents. Taking a steaming hot shower after work, school or the gym feels like heaven on Earth. It’s sort of like you’re burning the stress of a weekday off of you and becoming born again every time. I have took showers that was so steaming hot that my bathroom looks as if it’s on fire and filled with smoke. If the water doesn’t feel like it’s 400 degrees and you’re stepping into a fiery pit, then it’s not for me. Especially during the Wintertime when it’s freezing outside. Lukewarm water just isn’t allowed.

Although after doing some research about the effects that a hot shower could have on the skin, I might have to re-think and reconsider having a relationship with lukewarm or cold water. Hot showers may feel like a luxury to many, but to those of you…

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