2018 All Time Beauty Favorites

A little late on this, but here’s my 2018 top 5 all time beauty favorites.

1. Origin Charcoal Face Mask


Click here to read my review

2. Glossier Dot Lip Balm


Click here to read my review

3. Soap and Glory Body Lotion

Ahhhh!! I discovered this when I purchased the Soap & Glory set and this is by far one of my favorite body lotion. It smells soooooo good (like oats) and the texture isn’t greasy at all!!

4. NYX Chubby Eyeshadow Stick – Yogurt

This jumbo eye pencil is great for on the go makeup. It’s quick and I kid you not when I say this has lasted me a couple of years.

5. The Balm two in one highlighter/eyeshadow

My sister actually gave this to me because it came in her Ipsy bag and she didn’t want it. I’m so glad she didn’t want it because I…

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