Haul Time: Food, Health & Makeup


By now you know that Marshall’s s one of my favorite stores. I find a lot of high-end beauty, skin, and hair products for a fraction of the cost. I also buy some of my healthy snacks and teas at Marshall’s as well.


Instead of potato chips which I love, I buy Jan’s Mixed Roots chips which have purple and orange sweet potatoes, taro, cassava chips. These chips are really good and healthier than potato chips. $3.99


Peak’s Mega Omega mix contains walnuts, dried mango, almonds, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds. This is great to keep in your desk at work for a quick snack. $2.99 for a 7oz bag.


When I get a sweet tooth, Nana’s Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies hit the spot. These cookies are dairy-free and vegan. $3.99.


Lemon Ginger Organic Yerba Mate tea. This is great in the morning for a caffeine kick. $3.99


This collapsible lunch…

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IPSY Bag January 2019



This month’s IPSY bag was a little plain. It looks like a spring or summer bag. I’ll use it during the warmer months.


The company has added new features to the $10 a month subscription service. First of all, it’s including a brochure with a description of the five samples in the bag.


You can also add three extra samples each month. There may be an additional cost for the extra items. And best of all, there’s a new beauty quiz to fine-tune the samples to your needs.

sam_6459 Ella Eden’s eyeshadow in the color, Willow. It’s a rich burgundy and rust color that’s stunning. There’s a strong color payoff and the texture is smooth.

sam_6438Nailmedic nail polish in the color, Rose’ and Chill. The metallic nail lacquer contains green tea and rosehip to nourish your nails. There’s nothing like a mixture of beauty and healthy ingredients. I’ll give this…

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How to do Brand Personification with Digital Marketing?


What is Brand Personification?

Brand Personification is a way to make a brand “alive” by giving it characters, just like a human being has characters. In other words, Brand Personification is a way to humanize a brand.

Businesses using real human ( and creatures sometimes ) to personify their brands. It’s much easier for consumers to connect with a personality than a handful of claims or benefits, especially when you’re dealing with something intangible, such as insurance products. Characters with unique personas allow the public to identify a brand and its offering in a way no other tactic can, helping to establish relationships with consumers that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

These are some examples of Brand Personification.

It’s a simple technique to employ. You can ask “If ( a company or a brand ) were a real person, what type of person would they be? Can you describe them…

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Three points to choose a marketing consulting agency!

Your Market

When companies are looking for marketing consulting
organizations, they don’t know how to choose them; some companies are deeply
disappointed with the cooperative leading marketing agency, but they are
hesitant to choose who to be partners again. In my point of view, companies
should choose the following three aspects:

First of all, the selected marketing consulting agency needs a think tank that has both strategic vision and practical execution ability. In other words, if it is only an outstanding expert in marketing practice or only advanced strategic awareness, it is not enough. Internationalization, seamless thinking and marketization, and practical operation methods should be the necessary external brains in the true sense of the enterprise. The consulting organization not only needs to have considerable qualification background and market resources but also has a unique and proficient operation method in channel construction, product brand promotion, public relations promotion activities, marketing organization…

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Why Do You Need to Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

Exicon Group

In today’s digital world, building and maintaining an online presence is critical. Traditional marketing techniques are making way for digital, as consumers spend most of their free time online. The best way to engage and interact with consumers is connecting with them on their web and mobile devices.

However, fighting for your audience’s attention while beating competition requires a lot more time, effort and money than you may think. How do you achieve brand awareness, reach maximum customers and boost sales through digital? The simple solution to this problem is hiring a competent digital marketing agency.

What a digital marketing agency can do for you

Online marketing is a vast field, which includes a multitude of channels and platforms. Even before you start your marketing campaign, you need to identify which platform will work for you. Investing in the wrong platform will give you no ROI.

A digital marketing…

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Full Service Marketing Agencies in South Yorkshire #Digital…


Full Service Marketing Agencies in South Yorkshire #Digital #Media #Agency #South #Yorkshire https://t.co/nEPpXfxAdz

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