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Gothic Bite Magazineis now opening their gates to all authors who would enjoy sharing their work with the public. We welcome all writers, from the enthusiasts to the professionals.

This week, we are sharing the fantastic work of a DeviantArt artist and writer Maria Ramsey. Enjoy the obscure story and words!


Chapter 1
By: Maria Ramsey

I was playing with my hospital badge as I stood in line ‘Jonathan Villanueva’ Johnny V, that’s me. I had just finished my shift as an emergency room nurse. Not my usual spot, but it was the Fourth of July, and they were understaffed.

So after a ten-hour overnight shift of attending to drunks and people with firecracker injuries, it was eight in the morning, and I was ready for a nap and a beer. But the line at Walmart was ungodly slow. And of course, there was only one register open.

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Favourite Books of 2018!


Favourite Books 2018

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my favourite books I read in 2018. These weren’t necessarily released this year,just ones I read this year. This was very hard as there were many great books but I narrowed it down to 11 books! I didn’t include any rereads as they were my favourite in other years.

Emma By Jane Austen


I absolutely loved this book and wanted to reread this right away. I refrained. I don’t know what it was exactly that I loved about this book but I liked that it was a slow paced story and at times Emma could be annoying but I really liked her overall.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium, #1)

I listened to this book on audio book and was instantly hooked. I wanted to listen to it all the time. I found this book to be mysterious…

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Where We Belong by K.L. Grayson

Hooks and Books


About the Book

Regret . . . she’s a snarky little bitch.

I’ve tried several times to regret the events that took place on June 5, 2008, but for the life of me, I can’t. I’d never regret the pain, the suffering, or the heartache because it ultimately led me to the place I am now. And I can’t regret the place I am now. What I still can’t figure out is this: how is it possible that the single worst day of my life inadvertently became the very best day?

Five years ago my life was irrevocably changed.

Seventeen minutes was all it took—
to lose my best friend…
to lose the love of my life…

Seventeen minutes was all it took for the seeds of hope—the seeds of my future—to be planted in the worst possible way.

My name is Harley Thompson, and this is my story.



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My favorite Reads of 2018

Reader Gal

Hello everyone!

I am trying to be more organizing with my blog posts and my reading. I see some of you are already planning on what to read next for the new year. I however don’t know how to plan out my next month’s reading. Talk about peer pressure. But I did see mostly everyone is sharing their favorite reads of 2018 and I wanted to do the same.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine




I’ll Be Gone In The Dark




The Hate U Give


The Last Time I Lied


All Your Perfects




Pet Sematary






Lisey’s Story


The Seven Husbands of Hugo




So there you go, my favorite reads of 2018. Let me know what are your favorites.

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50 Best Indie Books of 2018

Rebecca Lovell

This year has been fantastic for me. In September, I broke through my pre-order goal for The Search for Sam and sold more books than I’d ever hoped, putting me in the Top 100 in 20th Century Historical Romance. I was so excited that I thought nothing better could ever happen. Then in October, I had my first book signing. It’s almost the end of November and A Christmas Reunion debuted at #1 in New Releases, hung out there for almost a week, and made it to #4 in Tudor Historical Romance.

Hopefully December will be as amazing, because The Search for Sam has been shortlisted for the ReadFreely 50 Best Indie Books of 2018 in the romance category! However, I’ll need your help to make that happen. The awards are based on votes from readers, and I would love it if you helped me out by voting! The link…

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Indie Spotlight: Power and Magic – The Queer Witch Comics Anthology

H.L.M. Garrison

I met editor Joamette Gil at GeekGirlCon this past October, and when she showed me this book, I knew I wanted to dive in. Aside from the book’s beautiful cover art (by Ashe Samuels), the hook that drew me in was the common subject matter explored in this anthology. Power & Magic: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology, is all about magic. One thing I love about magic in fantasy stories is it’s ability to serve as a vehicle for deeper discussions about complex themes. As the title suggests, the main overarching thread that holds this anthology together is all the stories are about queer witches of color. But outside of that commonality, all the comics are very different.  Some focus on themes of love and acceptance. Some use magic as a metaphor for mental health or connection to ancestors or forebears. It’s a rich collection and I love the…

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