England – Maiden Visit!

Keep Calm and Travel

So, it was never in my original plan this year to visit the grand ‘ol UK.

Yet, to cut a long story short, I found myself flying on the now-defunct direct route to London-Gatwick on the second of August.

A Memorable Visit Indeed.

For more reasons than one, and surprise, surprise, for this self-professed ‘ambivert’, not all positive.

Priority Number One was always the Football.

Yet, to describe this as a pilgrimage to the ‘Home of Football’ would be a great injustice.

Not catching a wink of sleep the night before the flight, braving the long train journey up north from Gatwick on landing, dragging my battered luggage down miles of cobblestone streets in Suffolk, playing catch with a pesky fly, and balking at the prices of England’s bipolaristic rail network are just some illustrations of a trip that will go down in memory as a rollercoaster of a ride.

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