Clean Skin = Happy Skin

Chrisy Loves

I have always struggled with finding the most appropriate skin cleansing products for my face. My skin is acne-prone but extremely dry at places so harsh products that can battle acne are not really my thing. However, rich creamy textures that would otherwise be appropriate for my skin dryness would increase the sebum and hence result in more break outs.

For this reason, I decided to visit a dermatologist a few months ago and search for advice on what would be the perfect skin cleansing products for me. I was fed up with trying out different drugstore products in a futile attempt to find the perfect match on my own. So, I decided to trust a professional and invest in high quality products even if they were at a higher price point.

Well, I was very much surprised when my dermatologist suggested Bioderma. This is a French company that specializes…

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