My Favourite Lip Colours in Autumn 2018!

Just Being Ella

Hello everyone,

I can’t believe I’m saying this but this is going to be my last autumnal post! I thought I’d show you which lip colours have been my favourite this autumn!


The first lipstick is the NYX Lingerie in the colour ‘seduction’. This colour is quite autumnal whilst also being very neautral and wearable. It has a matte finish and it goes matte in a matter of seconds. P1080054lowresP1080055lowresP1080072lowres

The next lipstick is also a liquid matte one and it’s the Collection Velvet Kiss lipstick. This shade is perfect for autumn and although a little bolder, just as nice.P1080058lowresP1080060lowresP1080076lowres

The next lipstick is the Too Faced melted matte lipstick. I love the colour of this as it’s so neutral and pretty. I’ve been wearing this most days this autumn!P1080062lowresP1080063lowresP1080077lowres

The final lipstick I’ve been loving is the MAC lipstick in ‘Retro’. This colour screams autumn and it’s so pretty. Even though…

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Clean Skin = Happy Skin

Chrisy Loves

I have always struggled with finding the most appropriate skin cleansing products for my face. My skin is acne-prone but extremely dry at places so harsh products that can battle acne are not really my thing. However, rich creamy textures that would otherwise be appropriate for my skin dryness would increase the sebum and hence result in more break outs.

For this reason, I decided to visit a dermatologist a few months ago and search for advice on what would be the perfect skin cleansing products for me. I was fed up with trying out different drugstore products in a futile attempt to find the perfect match on my own. So, I decided to trust a professional and invest in high quality products even if they were at a higher price point.

Well, I was very much surprised when my dermatologist suggested Bioderma. This is a French company that specializes…

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My Infinite Love for perfumes

Dream big little girl

Cred ca nu exista femeie sau fata careia sa nu ii placa parfumurile. Daca exista ceva pe lumea asta de la ce nu ma pot abtine sa cumpar, acelea sunt parfumurile. Folosesc zilnic parfum, iar cand din nu stiu ce motiv ies din casa fara, ma simt goala. Parfumurile pentru mine au o insemnatate aparte. Marcheaza momente din viata mea si atunci cand simt o aroma, imediat ma duce cu gandul la momente cheie pe care vreau sa mi le amintesc cu drag. Desi am o colectie acasa, niciodata nu sunt prea multe, iar daca cineva vrea sa ma faca fericita, atunci un  parfum este cu siguranta alegerea potrivita.

Zilele acestea am primit un colet tare dragutel de la Infinite Love. Sa va povestesc putin despre aceasta firma despre care cu siguranta ati mai auzit sau poate ati si vazut-o in mall-uri. Infinite Love este un magazin on-line de parfumuri…

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How to Make the Most of Your Spray Tan

The Lovely Life of Lisa

So let’s face it…gone are the days of laying in a tanning bed day after day to achieve that sun kissed glow. Everyone knows how terrible the sun can be and how it can permanently damage your skin. There’s simply nothing fun about potential skin cancer.

Spray tanning is easily the best way to get a tan without risking the damage…..BUT no one wants to look like an orange freak either. How then can you get a spray tan and avoid looking like you just got a spray tan?

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England – Maiden Visit!

Keep Calm and Travel

So, it was never in my original plan this year to visit the grand ‘ol UK.

Yet, to cut a long story short, I found myself flying on the now-defunct direct route to London-Gatwick on the second of August.

A Memorable Visit Indeed.

For more reasons than one, and surprise, surprise, for this self-professed ‘ambivert’, not all positive.

Priority Number One was always the Football.

Yet, to describe this as a pilgrimage to the ‘Home of Football’ would be a great injustice.

Not catching a wink of sleep the night before the flight, braving the long train journey up north from Gatwick on landing, dragging my battered luggage down miles of cobblestone streets in Suffolk, playing catch with a pesky fly, and balking at the prices of England’s bipolaristic rail network are just some illustrations of a trip that will go down in memory as a rollercoaster of a ride.

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