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An admiring quality in any individual – is an individual with passion, dedication and hard work with the want to scourge something. However it’s inspiring when a couple work towards each other’s goals in the pursuit and hope that they will both make it. I recently learnt that a lot of individuals want a partner who is settled an no longer working towards goals and dreams – no one wants to grow with anyone! I believe an individual with a passion or a drive to work hard and achieve goals is rare and commendable in a time where most want things for free. Anyways, love is unconditional and support should be too when it comes to each other’s dreams.

Outfit of the Day:

👉🏼 Beige Headscarf

👉🏼 @newlook Camel Detachable Faux Fur Coat

👉🏼 @asos Rivington High Waisted Jeggings

👉🏼 @newlook Black Block Heel Boots

Spent the day in Leeds…

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Master Class: Charlotte Tilbury


Last week I attended a Master Class at the flagship Charlotte Tilbury boutique in Covent Garden where we were shown one of the looks that they created at the Alice Temperly SS19 Show in London.  The beautiful look was created using two recently launched products – the Magic Away Liquid Concealer and the Stars in You Eyes Palette. img_2971

The concealer is beautiful. My favourite all time concealer is Tarte Shape Tape but Charlotte’s new release is a very strong contender. It contains Persian silk tree bark, palmitoyal glycine and extract of wild indigo all of which help to reduce crow’s s feet wrinkles, fades dark circles and enhances the skins luminosity.

The new limited edition eye shadow palette is beautifully pigmented, with a butter soft texture that melts into the skin and the colour range is gorgeous. They are also long lasting and the packaging, as with all her products…

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Keep The Faith!

Simply Etta

moon-3144654_1280Photo Credit

Faith is a beautiful thing. When you believe in an image; an ideal; a supreme being or figure and you stand in the sunshine and you feel the warmth as it spreads through your body. And with that warmth comes a smile and a knowing that you were right to believe in the first place.
That is what having faith is.
It’s regardless of which religion you belong to because faith is universal. That is why it is magical and the sooner we put away our differences and start to believe in each other then that is when we truly start to use faith as it was intended to be used.
~Anthony  T. Hincks

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Makeup Revolution Spring Favourites |Blogger Collaboration With Twice The Talk

Always Rise Blog

What an absolute pleasure and honour to have the opportunity to do an international collaboration with the lovely ladies behind ‘Twice The Talk’. Since Makeup Revolution just launched on our South African shores, I wanted to bring you genuine thoughts of the brand from those who are familiar with Makeup Revolution. Without further ado, enjoy this post xx

Hello! Our names are Natasha and Emily, and we are British beauty/lifestyle student bloggers from the UK, blogging over at www.twicethetalk.co.uk. Last month we started a series where we collaborate with other bloggers, with them writing for us and us writing for them, and this month we have the absolute pleasure of writing for Khalipha! As she is a South African blogger, this international collaboration is really fun and exciting for us, as we are able to write for different audiences from across the world.

When we were talking to Khalipha…

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September favourites

Beau la la


Some months are all about discovering new favourites, while others are about using the products you know and love. This September has been mostly one of the latter kinds, where I focused on decluttering my ‘bathroom shelfie’ and preparing for the colder days of autumn, which meant using up the last of my summer skincare that would probably not be worth storing for half a year until springtime, with just a few drops left at the bottom of the packs. These are by no means all of the products I’ve been using this month (probably not even close to half of them, for that matter), but they are certainly the ones that have made a positive change for my complexion/personal care. And another key point: I’m focusing on mentioning those products that I haven’t already talked about in previous posts, just so I can give them all a fair chance.


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Project Pan 2018 #3 October

Basically Me

I’ve made quite a bit of progress in the month of September! There aren’t a lot of empties compared to the last update, but that’s because we no longer have any samples in our project. I’ve made a dent on a lot of products, so come November I’m sure the project list would be half of what it is now.

Or was that too ambitious of a statement? I guess we’ll wait and see :/

ANYWHO, here’s my update for project pan 2018 #3!

Click Here to see products I’ve managed to finish outside Project Pan! 

I got a little lazy with photos so they’re not necessarily grouped together for the right category… I may have also left out couple of product by accident… eh, but it’s not that important right?

💯 finished products 💯

in September…

  1. Palmer’s Creamy Cleanser & Makeup Remover.
  2. Weleda Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash

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