A Beauty Nightmare

The Blair Bitch

Hey there beauties!

So today I’m going to take a weird turn with my posts and give you a beauty nightmare story that I’m currently going through. I really hope you’re ready for this, but if you’re squeamish I don’t suggest reading any further. Especially when it comes to nail injuries. Well, here it goes…

So, after a long time of not getting my nails done I finally decided to get some fake nails back in December. For months I hopped around to different nail techs, trying to find my favorite place. I went through the whole fill process several times and had a set removed and replaced, yada yada yada ya.

I’m not sure what happened, but after Tad proposed I got REAL lazy and stopped getting my nails filled. They grew way too long and I hate removing acrylics on my own, so I just left them on…

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