Revolution newtrals 2: a warm tone lovers heaven.


I’d been pondering over whether to buy this palette or not for a while, I was really in love with the warm tones. I love me a warm eye look with bronzy skin, so it was really hard to put off buying this. It being only £4 makes it even more tempting. I eventually gave in and bought this, and another one of the revolution palettes, but I haven’t tried it as much so I’ll hold off on reviewing it for now.

Onto the palette itself. The packaging is really nice and sturdy, and the pan size and shape is great for me. You get a lot of product, and I’ve always preferred square pans than circles. The only problem I have with it, is a problem that is quite common among eyeshadow palettes, which is that it doesn’t have a mirror. If it did, it would be such a…

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