My Sunscreen Is Also My Soap


I work in an industry where I often spend many hours outdoors and in direct sunlight. I do my best to protect my skin wearing a hat and sunglasses and try to wear long sleeves whenever possible – however wearing long sleeves in Singapore’s humid weather can often be quite uncomfortable.

Wearing short sleeves necessitates the use of sunblock – but sunblock of any kind is sticky and oily, and I really don’t like using it. I have recently started using a very good spray-on version which so far has been very effective, easy to use and non-greasy.

Nick on a shoot.jpg

For much of my life I haven’t used sunscreen and I will probably be a good candidate for skin cancer in the near future. Realising this now (hopefully not too late) I have been looking at various brands and applications of sunscreen to see what will best suit my needs.

I recently…

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