The Prepaid Phone Budget-Friendly Lifestyle: Pros and Cons

My Scrambled Egg


If you’ve led life any way similar to me, you may have used the phrase “call me, I can’t text” more often than you remember (not anymore, I keep those free extras I paid for in check). But it seems like there will be no shame in my game anytime soon as I’ve been calling and texting on a budget for the past ten years and plan on continuing.

Proud sidenote: Recently, I added mobile internet to my frugal game plan!!!

Worth a slow clap? *slow clap*

Worth an amen? Amen!

Worth an upgrade? Well… Like Kevin Hart… The way my bank account is set up… My time is coming, though! Right after earphone wires don’t get tangled up every. freakin’. day.


After 10 years of being a professional phone budget accountant, I believe to have garnered enough information on what are the main pros and…

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Experience with Paleo

Grumpy Nympha in Paris

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 09.25.11

All right, fellows, summer is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to start making plans about getting in shape and talk about health.

I love all of you who have the perfect shape without making any effort (and maybe I envy you bit) but regrettably, I do not fit in these percentage of the population. So, I need to work hard to feel better. I admire also people who feel good in their skin no matter their size and look.

I want to tell you something personal first, maybe about 4 years ago I started gaining some weight that has been making me feel uncomfortable for all this time. I work on a desk so this also helped. The really bad thing was that I really used to hate fitness. So I will always say I am on diet and it never worked for more than a…

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Postcard from Montmelo

View from the Back

The Barcelona-Catalunya circuit in Montmelo has hosted a Grand Prix every year since it was first included on the calendar in 1992. It’s a superb track, with great facilities, well-organised, and the parking is free. It’s about 25km to the north of Barcelona and is the home venue for many of the sport’s biggest stars including reigning MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez, former world champion Jorge Lorenzo, Maverick Vinales – surely the best name ever –  Dani Pedrosa and the Espargaro brothers Aleix and Pol. Fortunately, the race falls in June, a great time of the year to visit this beautiful region.

It was as if we’d never left French soil. Everyone seated around us in the MotoGP grandstand  was speaking French and, as we strolled around the circuit, our ears were naturally tuned into all the French voices. Still, it’s easy enough to just pop over the border, though the French…

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Review: Moi-Même ‘Spring’ 2018 Box & Subscription

Beauty Fashion Chit Chat

Although I received my Spring 2018 ‘Nature’ Moi-Même box a while back, my third box, I wanted to let you see what was in it as it will be time for the Summer 2018 box v soon. The  Moi-Même box is a UK ‘seasonal’ box (4 boxes per year) which costs £45 approx per box  (annual subscription) or £49.95 (quarterly subscription), however this is increasing to £50 (approx) and £54.95 respectively from 1st July 2018. Box contains a variety of items (could be clothing, accessories, stationery, skincare, jewellery, homeware, makeup etc. – subscribers may get different colours / designs in different items). Delivery is free for our UK subscribers and costs £14.95 per box for the rest of the world. (full details on subscription(s) / shipping and proposed increase in price can be found at moi-mê

As I am not subscribed currently to as many beauty boxes

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Favorite Drugstore brushes !!!

Over the past 3 months I have been using my Ecotools brushes and sponge and for me that is a long time to use a certain set of brushes. Most of the time there all different brands of brushes and sponges and I’m constantly buying new ones or trading out brushes but, this go around I’ve been only using my Ecotools brushes. You can get Ecotools pretty much anywhere but, I prefer to purchase mine from Ulta Beauty. Most of the time you can get them bogo 50% off if you get them from ulta, your already getting a steal when you purchase them because majority of them you can buy in a set which is so great. When you buy them in a set you get a little tray, tube, or cup to store your brushes/sponges in and I just thought that was so cool of them to include…

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A good facial cleanser is a must have in everyone’s skincare regime. I have tried the Cetaphil gentle cleanser ( for all skin types ) in the past. I really liked that cleanser. It was really mild, it didn’t irritate my skin and also it didn’t dry out my skin. However, it didn’t remove makeup from my skin properly. It’s the only thing that I didn’t like about it.

So I was looking for cleansers specifically for oily skin. One day I found out Cetaphil has a cleanser for oily skin. I’ve heard good things about Cetaphil cleansers and also I loved one of their cleansers. So I was really excited to try out.

The Cetaphil OS cleanser for oily skin has a basic packaging. There’s nothing fancy in it. The cleanser is a transparent liquid. You have to be little careful while pouring it onto your palms. As you…

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Every Day Makeup Routine

Fashionably Fun Sized

Hey guys! Thanks again for stopping by. I wanted to talk about makeup today. Lilly is almost seven months now so she is more mobile and requires more supervision then before. So, this means getting ready these days requires me to have quicker routine. So here are the products I’m using almost every day to create a polished but no fuss look.

  1. Eye shadow base-Mac soft ochre paint pot. This is a great eyeshadow base. It is affordable, lasts forever, and covers up any veins or discoloration on your eyelids. DSC_0008

2. Eye Shadow- I’ve been really liking the Tarte Aspyn Ovard Eye & Cheek Palette. I mainly use these colors: “Married Life”, “High School Sweetheart”, “Road Trip”, “Wanderlust”, and “Heart Of Gold”. I use “Married Life” all over my lid and brow bone to set my eyeshadow base. I use “High School Sweetheart” and “Road Trip” above my crease…

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