How To Reclaim Your Worth Despite Illness

“You should have seen it!  I’m going to name it Colossus!”  And with that declaration, Q and I celebrated with a fist-pump in the count of what would be the first of six bowel movements that day.  This is a typical celebration shortly after I’ve rolled my butt out of bed mid-morning and drank a smoothie.  After such exertion from all my hard work, I relax on the couch sans makeup, hair in a bun and still in my pj’s.  It’s a far cry from where my life used to be.  Illness brings many surprises.

I remember at the onslaught of being told I was terminal I felt devalued.  Who would ever expect to feel inconsequential to strangers and loved ones alike all because you’re incurable?  But I did.  Within days of receiving the news, I questioned internally whether Q might leave.  Not because he’s unreliable or an asshole but…

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