Haul and First Impressions of Skincare Products


Hi Everyone!

Skincare has never been anything that I have given much thought to until recently. As a teen, I had acne prone skin and struggled with breakouts on a regular basis. In addition, I had smaller bumps that would be on my face and shoulders. I tried a ton of acne fighting products, but could never stick with them because they weren’t really effective. It just became something I got used to. After trying products, I decided to go to the dermatologist and they gave me a cream, but this wasn’t very effective either. Due to all the breakouts, I became an expert on how to use stick concealer to camouflage my problem areas. However, I was still very aware of what was on my face and was left wondering if people thought I wasn’t attractive.

The wonderful part of this story is that I met my husband and he loved…

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