My Winter Skincare Routine // Dr. Jart, Pistache, PTR & Cannabliss

Ironically, I started my blog 4 years ago (where did the time go?!) to write primarily about skincare. While that lasted for a while, my skin started to pay the price from testing & trying so many different products. It finally hit me when one of my coworkers mentioned how “angry” and irritated my skin looked one day when I didn’t wear makeup to work. And, to be honest, it was the truth. Trying multiple sheet masks, mud masks, various toners, cleansers and moisturizers on a daily basis that weren’t designed for my skin type took it’s toll.


This post is very long overdue. However, I wanted to use every product for several months before jumping up to share my thoughts. I have combination/oily skin, oily in my T zone, and pretty normal elsewhere. I do get dry patches the second winter weather hits, but nothing a good moisturize can’t…

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