BEAUTY // Daily make-up routine

Peace Of Mary

I think it’s a real pity that a lot of young girls nowadays wear a thick layer of foundation to hide their natural beauty. I think nobody should be hiding anything. Make-up should be about highlighting your true self and give you that extra push of confidence to stand out (or get through the winter days).

These everyday essentials sure work their magic.


First, after completing my daily skin care routine (which I will be sharing with you some other time), I apply (only one pump of) the Highlighting Skin Tone Foundation by KIKO Milano, which is one of my favorite make-up brands. I am currently using one of the neutral tones, but you sure can ask the shop-assistant for advice and get the colour that best matches your skin. My experience is that regardless of where you’re visiting a KIKO Milano store, the shop-assistants welcome you with a…

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